The 5 Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Terrible And You Need To Move On

Everyone's done it: Date the guy no one likes, ignore all the questioning and keep seeing him anyway. Here are 5 reasons you should dump him now:

1. He's shady with his phone or social media.

I dated a guy who would delete his texts every night. He claimed it was because he hated keeping old conversations and liked his inbox clutter-free. Obviously, he was talking to multiple girls and didn't want me to see. He did the same with Facebook messages, but guess what, boys, your deleted messages funnel into your archives, which people can see.

While there's no reason to dig around in your boyfriend's phone or social media accounts without a completely valid suspicion of cheating, there's also no reason your boyfriend shouldn't be able to text next to you. If he keeps his phone away from you or minimizes his Facebook tab when you come in, run fast. Don't bother rationalizing it — it's not normal.

2. He forgets significant dates.

On his birthday, you shower him with gifts and do the usual things a partner should do. But when your birthday comes around... nothing. He forgot. Maybe it's not a birthday, but an anniversary or a holiday that you two celebrate that's just as important.

3. It's all about him.

Say you have really exciting news and you can't wait to tell your boyfriend, but two seconds into the conversation, you're talking about him. Don't waste your time with someone too self-centered to be happy for you. A relationship is a support system, and it should be expected that you want the best for each other.

4. He has no drive.

There's nothing more unattractive than him "looking for a job" and smoking pot all day while you're actually out working. No ambition is not at all sexy. Your boyfriend should have goals for the future -- an idea of where he wants to go and how to get there. You don't want to be babysitting your boyfriend when you actually have a real life.

5. He treats people around him poorly.

If he's not nice to his mom, sister or other family members, it's a reflection of how he might treat you someday. Look for the guy who has a good relationship with his parents and siblings. Are his friends constantly annoyed by him? Does he treat your friends badly? Your boyfriend meshing badly with the people in his life is a huge red flag.

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