This Girl's Tinder Pictures Get 'Uglier' As You Look Through Them, Is Literally You

When I grow up, I want to be this 19-year-old Tinder user, Zoe.

Why? First, she's hilarious. Second, she's beautiful. Third, did I mention she's hilarious?

Zoe is gaining worldwide attention thanks to a series of photos posted on Imgur, which feature screenshots of her epic Tinder profile.

In her bio, she explains, "My photos get uglier if you keep scrolling."

Ugh. Swoon.


Let's get one thing out of the way, Zoe is da-da-DAMN gorgeous.

Not to mention, anyone who can make fun of themselves gives off a sense of confidence and security — two things I'm still figuring out, and I'm pushing 30. (And that's, like, the magical age where we all learn the secret to life and self, right? Also, is 27 pushing 30? Better call my mom and ask.)



Sweet, baby-angel Zoe's sense of humor is capturing the hearts of everyone on the internet.

Imgur user justastar, who posted the pics, captioned the post, "Swiped right for humour."

And other viewers echoed the sentiment, writing, "Pretty girls with comedy do it for me," "A sense of humor can be a really attractive quality" and "Date her now! Don't let the one with an actual personality get away."


What's best about her profile is that you really do get the sense you're learning more about her than you would if it was just a series of photos with a girl smiling normally.


In fact, according to Daily Mail Australia, a study out of the University of Zurich revealed playfulness was pretty highly valued in terms of desirable qualities in a long-term partner.

I mean, duh.

Playfulness even ranked just under regular, ol' friendliness and intelligence for both men and women. And the study found that people considered creativity and a laid-back attitude more desirable aspects in potential soulmates than someone who takes themselves too seriously.


What I'm getting at is, Zoe, if you're out there, call me.

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