Stay Silly: 7 Ways Your Sense Of Humor Can Carry You Through Anything

by Kokil Sharma

Of all human qualities, a good sense of humor is among the most attractive. Having a healthy sense of humor is not only attractive, but also a sign of intelligence and creativity. It is both a skill and an art. Having a laugh and making others laugh is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

If you look closely enough, there is a certain amount of humor in everything. Small incidents that happen each day — a bad advertisement on TV, a funny Facebook status or someone expressing his or her lack of intelligence with full confidence — are all great excuses to have a good laugh.

Humor is everywhere; even the most serious dramas and stories have some amount of humor in them to increase engagement and add balance.

In personal relationships, humor is vital. We are naturally more attracted to people who make us laugh. Some of the best memories we have are with people who made us laugh so hard that we forget about everything else in the moment.

All the notorious jokes and silly stories we share with our friends make for the good times we remember for the rest of our lives.

Having a great sense of humor can come in handy in many life situations. It certainly makes men more charming, and for women, well, it makes them even more attractive.

Apart from making you probably the most attractive person in the room, here are the seven wonderful things humor can do for you:

1. Grant Popularity

Who doesn't like a person who incites such extreme laughter that it catalyzes bellyaches? A good sense of humor comes in handy in social gatherings.

People are made to feel very uncomfortable and intermediated by certain social setups, but a bright sense of humor can lighten things up and make them feel at ease.

Making others laugh or smile is not only a generous act that will make you feel good about yourself, it is also something that will make you popular in your social circle.

2. Abolish Boredom

One of the many great benefits of having a good sense of humor is that you can find wit in the most basic of circumstances. When a certain type of person randomly conjures a funny thought without anyone being around to share the laugh, he or she laughs on his or her own.

People may call this type of person crazy, but I call it self-entertainment.

The clever use of words and a sharp sense of observation helps in looking at things differently, in a way that "normal" people could never see. There is nothing wrong with amusing yourself, I suppose.

3. Increase Intelligence

A good sense of humor is a gift and a sign of intelligence. It involves the clever use of words at the right time and in the right places.

Like anything else, it necessitates practice. The more you use your words cleverly, the smarter you become.

4. Benefit Your Health

We all need a reason to have a good laugh. It is therapeutic and offers some great health benefits, like increasing immunity, lowering stress hormones, releasing anxiety and preventing heart disease.

Laughter therapy is used to cure many mental illnesses, and laughter yoga has been a popular practice in the East for many years.

These therapies are not only a natural cure for many diseases, but they are also known to have emotional benefits. Laughter yoga is known to help lift the face muscles and reduce wrinkles.

So, next time you spend all that time, effort and money on face lifts and wrinkle treatments, consider giving laughter yoga a try.

5. Lighten Up Serious Life Situations

Life would be so tiresome if we didn't know how to laugh at our problems. Look at all these stand-up comedians and how they turn the most disastrous of events into jokes.

They use their creativity and intelligence to present serious scenarios in the most light-hearted and humorous way in front of thousands of people. All it takes is a little shift in perspective. I firmly believe that if you learn to laugh at your problems, they will slowly vanish.

6. Success At Work

People who have a good sense of humor are generally more likely to be successful in their lives. They are more pleasant to have around at work; they look at things differently, and they are often in good moods.

Of course, one has to be good at his or her job, but being witty raises your chances of success at workplace.

Humor increases team bonding and helps you develop a good rapport with your boss, colleagues and clients.

7. Nurture Personal Relationships

A good sense of humor is a top personality trait, which women seek in men and, often, vice versa. Laughter can strengthen family bonding; it brings us closer to our loved ones.

It helps diffuse conflict and makes arguments less serious. Sharing a good laugh from time to time makes relationships emotionally healthy and strong.

The ability to make someone laugh and help forget about all his or her troubles is a gift. There is a famous quote by Victor Hugo that goes,

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.

Laughter is addictive and infectious. The more it spreads, the better it is. It keeps us together, and it keeps us going.