18 Reasons Your 30s Will Actually Be A Lot More Awesome Than Your 20s

If you're in your 20s, you're considered a very lucky member of society.

You're young, you're beautiful, you're probably living in an awesome city. You're partying four nights a week and dating some tall, dark mysterious guy who's emotionally unavailable.

But that's OK because you've got a few other options on the sidelines who are dying to date you... right?

I've heard from several adults (and I mean real adults, not other 20-somethings) your 20s are the best decade of your life.

I'm now at the tail end of my 20s, and I'm the first to admit it's been a lot of fun. But it's also been like a second adolescence sans pimples, raging hormones and unbearable awkwardness.

I've been on more dates than I can count and I've had a few nice boyfriends. I've had memorable (and not so memorable) nights with amazing friends. I've traveled to new countries and found a career I truly love.

I've also had five dollars in my bank account. I've been dumped, I've had painful friend breakups and I've lived in mouse-and-roach-infested apartments.

I've drunk texted people I absolutely should not have, I've gone to work on two hours of sleep and I've spent way too many Sundays so hungover I couldn't open my blinds. Personally, I'm pretty excited about my 30s.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't believe your 20s are the best decade of your life.

Here's why being a 30-something is going to be a lot more awesome.

  1. The days of not being texted back will probably be behind you, and you'll be in a stable relationship with someone you're in love with. If not, you'll know exactly what you want and have no problem moving on from that guy or girl who just wasn't that into you.
  2. You will get drunk less often. Therefore, you will send fewer drunk texts, Snapchats etc.
  3. Traveling will get a little cushier. See ya, smelly hostel -- you can afford a hotel now!
  4. Your apartment will be a clean, spacious, nicely-decorated place you actually want to come home to, not just a place to sleep.
  5. And on that note, no more passive aggressive roommates. In your 30s, you're probably embracing solo living or living with your SO.
  6. You'll know -- and I mean, you'll really know -- everything is temporary. Time truly does heal all wounds, and you know that from experience.
  7. You'll have more money. Which means less stress and more fun.
  8. You'll still look great. Actually, you may look better because you'll be drinking less alcohol and more water, actually going to yoga and taking the time to wash your face every night and apply some expensive moisturizer.
  9. About the whole yoga thing: In your 30s, you'll go to yoga. Because it makes you happy and relaxes you. What a concept!
  10. Your sex life will get better.
  11. You will give way fewer f*cks about what people think about you.
  12. You'll actually prioritize sleep and wake up feeling well-rested. How awesome does that sound?
  13. You'll be better dressed because Forever 21 won't be your go-to store anymore.
  14. FOMO won't even be on your radar. Netflix and Chinese food? Yes, please.
  15. More likely than not, your career will be fulfilling and you'll enjoy going to work every day. You'll leave the busywork for those overeager 20-somethings.
  16. With fewer hangovers and more sleep, exercise will actually happen nearly every day of the week. You might even start to like running. Believe it.
  17. You'll get your Sundays back. Except for the occasional wild night out -- because, let's be honest, that'll still happen once in a while -- you'll wake up on Sunday mornings feeling refreshed and happy, with an entire day in front of you. So many possibilities.
  18. You'll know who your real friends are. Because, in the wise words of Drake, "F*ck a fake friend."

Bring on the next decade.