This Girl Tweeted Cheap Ways To Make Your GF Feel Good And Guys Should Take Notes

Are you trying to find ways to treat your girl like the QUEEN that she is on a budget?

It can be tough! I get it. But tough isn't the same as impossible.

Luckily for you, if you've run out of ideas that won't drain your life's savings, Twitter user @killakushla came to your rescue. She tweeted a huge, now-viral thread of cheap ways for guys to "make [their girlfriends] feel good."

Most of her ideas won't even cost you a dime. And, as a bonafide girlfriend, I can say I'm pretty amped when my boyfriend does any of these totally cheap, but also totally thoughtful, things.

Here are some of her best ideas if you're look for some inspiration. Read along and TAKE NOTES, FELLAS.

1. Write her notes.

2. Send sweet texts out of the blue.

3. Make her a playlist on Spotify.

4. Cook for her.

5. Surprise her with flowers.

6. Swap texting for calling.

7. Compliment her selfies.

8. Just hang out/visit with her — "no gifts necessary."

9. Make her your lock screen on your phone.

10. Post the occasional appreciative social media pic of her.

11. Go along with her for errands.

12. Always walk her to the car.

13. Let her borrow your favorite hoodies.

14. Actually listen to her.

15. Have her back.

16. Never forget to tell her how beautiful she is, no matter her shape or size.

17. Under no circumstances should you suggest she diet.

18. Get her any of the small things she uses every day.

19. Don't forget to insert her in your everyday plans.

20. Go shopping with her.

I guess making your GF feel good all really comes down to one simple thing: focus on the little gestures to show her how much you love her.

It's one thing to tell her you love her every now and then, or to make some huge gesture, but doing little things like actually listening when she speaks, sending her a nice text out of the blue, surprising her with flowers, or even picking up the phone and calling her go a very long way for most girls.

The best advice I could give you? Take notes on these, run them by your girlfriend, and see which ones SHE would be into. And, here's the crazy part: Actually listen to what she says.