This Girl Who Matched With A Dog On Tinder Has More Luck With Dating Apps Than You

by Candice Jalili

I was never really big on the dating app scene.

I felt like the whole process was sort of dehumanizing. To me, it felt weird judging a slew of real, multifaceted human beings based on a few blurry pictures and a two-line bio.

That being said, I guess I probably wouldn't feel as bad about dehumanizing matches if I was swiping right for an ANIMAL. (Get it? Because you can't dehumanize something that's not HUMAN.)

In fact, I'd probably be pretty impressed by a dog that can write a two-line bio.

Well in an ideal, magical set of circumstances, a woman managed to bypass all the mind-numbing, boring human interactions on Tinder and match with an adorable dog named Spencer.

Check out the pup's Tinder profile for yourself below:

Can you say BABE ALERT?


Obviously, Spencer's bio can't be anything more than "Woof. Bork. Sniffles." because HE'S A DOG. HE CAN'T TALK, DUH.

But he can stand, so he's literally the total package.


What an accomplished young lad he is.

Once the woman matched with the pup, they naturally started chatting.

Let's just say things got super serious.


So... what we have here is a socially conscious dog with a Tinder profile? INTERESTING. VERY INTERESTING.

Honestly, I'd say he's still better than a lot of the actual humans on Tinder.

The woman shared her match on Imgur, and obviously, people had lots to say about the canine's profile:

This person is all about the cute conspiracy move this dog's pulling here.


This sparked a long comment thread of people arguing over whether or not the conspiracy was true. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here like, "YOU GUYS, A WOMAN MATCHED WITH A DOG ON TINDER. WE'RE MISSING THE POINT HERE."

These people had a bigger idea in mind.


Seriously, how does a pet adoption Tinder not exist already? OK, TO BE FAIR, I haven't really looked into it. It might exist, but I just don't feel like googling it right now. SUE ME.

And this woman's response was way too real for online daters.


Yeah, a dog turning into a human is MUCH more of a rarity than a human turning into a dog, especially in the world of online dating.

Can I get an AMEN?