Tinder Guy Goes On Super Racist Rant After Match Doesn't Respond Fast Enough

by Alexandra Strickler

It seems as if guys on dating apps still haven't quite learned the art of graciously accepting rejection.

Maybe there's just a really steep learning curve?

Or, more likely, a lot of guys are just immature as all hell.

Like this dude, Nick.


On the surface, Nick's just another guy in his mid-twenties on Tinder looking for love. I'll admit, he's pretty cute, and he definitely scores points for mentioning in his bio that he has a dog he goes hiking with.

However, a friend of Nick's completely put him on blast on Facebook after it came to light he was allegedly sending girls nasty messages on Tinder if they weren't interested in him, or even if they didn't respond quickly enough.


In his post, Kevin KTran says he met Nick back in college, where he seemed like an overall nice guy.

However, after one of his friends matched with Nick on Tinder, he claimed his former friend was actually a total douchebag, particularly when it came to wooing the ladies.

He posted a series of Tinder screenshots with messages purported to be written by Nick.


Seems like a normal conversation so far.


Ohhhh, dear.

I can literally never wrap my head around guys who insult a girl after she rejects them, when she was the girl YOU WERE JUST INTERESTED IN TAKING OUT ON A DATE. THE INCONSISTENCY IS PALPABLE, DO YOU NOT TASTE IT?!?

I'm cool, I'm cool. Sorry, guys.


*Rolls eyes after girl does exactly what she was asked to do.*


*Deems all people who aren't interested in me useless because that's definitely how the world works.*

Kevin wrote in his Facebook post,

We don't have to put up with this. We have to protect each other by calling these people out, even/especially if they are your friend, and showing that this behavior will not be tolerated and will never be acceptable #nomorehiding

Good for you, dude!