9 Gifts To Splurge On To Celebrate Your Single Self This Year


The holidays are near, so you know what that means:  It's time to wear nothing but holiday sweaters and pajamas, listen to Christmas music and only watch cheesy holiday movies.

But of course, around this time of year, sappy couples start posting pictures on Facebook snuggling by the fire or kissing under a gentle snowfall (vomit).

But lucky for you, while they're spending a bunch of money on their significant others, you can treat your single self to much, much more.

Here are nine gifts you should absolutely splurge on for yourself this holiday season:

1. Coffee shop gift card

Yes, it's a bit cliche, but go buy yourself some coffee shop gift cards.

If you're ever tight for cash, that delicious latte from Starbucks that you love is often the first sacrifice. But if you have a shiny Starbucks gift card, you'll be pleased to know it can't be spent anywhere else.

You'll thank yourself when you find it at the back of your wallet when you're craving that latte a few weeks later.

2. Pajamas

Who doesn't love a comfortable pajama set?

And if you're single, you don't have to buy the cute, silky PJs that keep you feeling chilly. No, you can go buy yourself a thick, flannel set, and cozy up in them when you're watching Christmas movies by the fire.

3. Spa day

Spa days are always relaxing, especially when you're single. You can treat yourself to a non-couples massage, relax and let the professionals take over pampering your whole body.

4. An animal

If you love being single but find yourself lonely sometimes, don't go searching for a significant other who'll just stress you out in the long run.

Why not get a pet, instead? Puppies and kittens are always the best options. They form the closest emotional bonds with people, and most importantly, they're adorable.

5. Makeup

What girl doesn't enjoy spending time in a Sephora?

New makeup is always refreshing, especially when a new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette comes out.

So you know that friend who just spent $150 on a new watch for her boyfriend? Well, you can take your $150 and splurge on a new palette, some mascara and at least three new lipsticks.

6. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are the most relaxing balls of joy I've ever had in my tub.

Seriously, head over to Lush, buy a ton of them, draw a hot bath surrounded by candles and plop one in. Just lie there, and listen to the sweet fizzing sound of an exploding bath bomb at your feet.

7. A hot dress and some heels

So what if you're single, but you still want to mingle? Use all the holiday sales to buy yourself a sexy, little dress and a gorgeous pair of heels.

Then, go to a club in the city with some friends and show off your new look. You're bound to find someone who's down for some fun with no strings attached.

8. A vacation

If you just want a break from the holidays (and you really want to splurge on yourself), use all the money you'd spend on lovey-dovey gifts for your SO, and instead, go visit a state or country you've never seen before.

A pleasant, stress-free, quiet trip to Ireland, Italy or even Colorado sounds amazing... or maybe an exotic island to escape the frigid weather.

9. Peace and quiet

If nothing else, treat yourself to some peace and quiet. Save your money, make hot chocolate, wear something cozy and put on a Christmas movie. It's the cheapest, most effective gift yet.

Kylah Benes-Trapp