This Sketchy Law Stops Gay Couples From Getting Divorced Over Cheating

by Zara Barrie
Michela Ravasio

Isn't one of the most important values in marriage to vow NOT to cheat on each other?

And if you find out your partner has been cheating, shouldn't you be allowed to file for divorce on the grounds of cheating?

Well, in the UK, "adultery" (AKA cheating) is actually one of five reasons a person is allowed to file for divorce.

However, there is a big, uh, problem with this current law.

According to British government, getting a divorce because your partner has committed adultery is a privilege exclusive only to heteronormative couples.

Because in England, adultery is only valid when your hubby or your wife has sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex.

Oh, and the law even goes on to say that adultery doesn't count if your partner has sex with someone of the same sex, even if both partners in the marriage ARE OF THE SAME SEX.

So basically, gay couples can't get divorced because of cheating.

Yes, that's right I said it. Gay couples can't divorced BECAUSE OF CHEATING. I wish I were joking, but it's true, babes.

This law is especially screwed up, seeing as same-sex marriage has been legal in the UK since 2014.

So yes, of course, we queers can marry our same-sex partners, but if our same-sex partner cheats on us, we have no grounds for divorce.

And I hate to break it to the straight world who might think all of us gays are perfect, non-cheating creatures, but there are as many cheating gays as there are cheating heteros.

I hate to break it to the straight world, but there as many cheating gays as there are cheating heteros.

And I don't want to be stuck with a serial-cheating wife just because the law doesn't recognize her wayward behavior as adultery because she likes to have sex with women!

Gay issues aside, isn't cheating just that — cheating? What about all the men who cheat on their wives with other men and vice versa? Bisexuality and sexual fluidity are, in fact, real things, despite what British law might suggest.

Bisexuality and sexual fluidity are, in fact a real thing, despite what British law suggests.

In 2015, one woman made UK headlines when she realized her husband of 20 goddamn years cheated on her with 10 MEN. And the poor woman had zero grounds for divorce because he fucked dudes, not women.

All right, England, it's time to update your "adultery" law. Not just because it keeps people tethered to their cheating partners, but it's laws like this that delegitimize the sanctity of same-sex love.

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