Your Food Preferences Change Based On How Hot The Person You're Eating With Is

by Jamie LeeLo
Studio Firma

Have you ever done that thing before a date where you look up the menu of the restaurant you're going to ahead of time to decide what the most "date appropriate" meal is?

You might think you're being proactive, but really, it's just science at play.

According to a study published in Food Quality and Preference, women will absolutely choose different types of food while out on a date, depending on how attractive their date is.

Danish researchers from Aarhus University found women are more likely to order healthy, low-calorie food, like a salad, in front of an attractive male, rather than choosing something delicious and much more satisfying, like a burger and fries.

The reasoning behind this is actually pretty obvious.

Shocker of the year: Men tend to value features like beauty and health when looking at potential female partners.

So believe it or not, we ladies have caught on to this and, alas, our behaviors have evolved accordingly.

And of course, the same behaviors and attitudes toward food did not apply to men in the study.


Researchers also found that a man is more likely to order heavy, glutenous or expensive meals to appear wealthier, rather than fit or healthy.

In short, women want to come across as healthy and attractive, and men want to appear rich. Surprise, surprise.

Study author Tobias Otterbing went as far as suggesting that restaurants hire less attractive servers to avoid encouraging women to eat somewhere healthier.

Come on, cut us some slack!

Of course, the internet isn't having this nonsense.

This lady speaks her truth.


And this guy speaks THE truth.


And this woman expresses what we're all thinking.


My professional food dating advice? Pick something delicious that will keep you full, so you can enjoy the evening. Just avoid anything that is going to make a mess.

Pair your meal with your favorite glass of wine and you "come hither" eyes, and enjoy!

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