What Guys Are Really Looking For

by Trophy Wife

Many women nowadays are under the misconception that since guys have their pick of women, the majority will go for the leggy, perfect 10 supermodel types.

How wrong you are ladies. Sure, there will always be dudes out there who are modelizers, the ones that bat above their average and seek perfection. However, the majority of men out there are just looking for a normal, sane girl who likes to kick back with a beer and a bucket of fried chicken.

Quit starving yourself, put down the botox needle and stop trying to be someone that you’re not, because these are the qualities that men are really looking for in a girlfriend:

6 or a 7

Guys aren’t really looking for a 10. Why? Because any girl that’s a 10 is seriously high maintenance. Not only do they have to spend all their time lavishing her with compliments about her weight, her clothes, her hair and her overall appearance, but they also have to kiss her ass 24/7 because that’s what she is accustomed to.

These girls will only have sex in positions where they look good and refuse to suck cock because it will leave them with mouth wrinkles when they’re older, yet they’re perfectly happy sucking down a cocktail.

Drama Free

It’s no surprise that guys hate drama, while most girls tend to be surrounded by that shit. Drama stems from gossip, backstabbing and general bitching – all things girls have a PhD in. While this is a commonly accepted phenomenon, no man wants to be with a girl who is all drama, all the time. If every day with a girl is like living on the set of a bad soap opera – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sense of Humor

Guys enjoy a girl with a sense of humor, who’s not afraid to crack a dirty joke or even make fun of themselves.  I’m not saying that just being funny will send guys flocking to you – if that’s the case Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers would probably have a man harem.

Women who come across as uptight or get too bothered by the little details are a turnoff to most men. They want a girl who they can bring out with their buddies, who can act like one of the boys, fitting in with their humor and who is sociable and fun to be around. Men want to relax during their downtime and not have to worry if one of his friends is going to say something that might offend his lady.


This one always surprises me. As women, we love to talk. We talk to our girlfriends constantly; we’re always on the phone to our mother, bitching to co-workers, complaining to our boss. WHY is it when it comes to relationships, these communication skills go straight out the window?!

How many times have girlfriends come to me complaining about how they’re pissed at their man because he’s fucked something up? And when I ask if they told their significant other why they’re pissed, the usual response is “No – he should already KNOW why I’m mad.”

Ah, are you dating a psychic? Can he read your mind? Unless you are, then here’s the kicker – no man is going to know you’re mad, or why you’re mad unless you actually tell him.

You want him to go down on you a certain way? Remember that most men are useless when it comes to eating girls out – vaginas are like a really hard Sudoku puzzle and no man can figure out the ideal combination. Some girls like two fingers here, one thumb in there and tongue going in a counterclockwise direction, other girls like a fist in once and just a knuckle in the other.

What I’m trying to say is that every girl is different, so if you want to enjoy sex and stop faking your orgasms, you need to communicate what you want.

Doesn’t Play Games

Playing hard to get is one thing, but play for too long and you’ll soon realize that you’ll end up being the only one in the game. Men don’t mind being the aggressor in a relationship; in fact, many men love the chase – but only to a certain extent.

They don’t want to feel like they’re being played and running in circles. You think ignoring calls and pretending you’re busy with guys you’re actually interested in makes them want you more and keeps them on their toes? Ah, no. It makes them think that you’re not interested and they’ll quickly move on.

If you like a guy, let him know! Seems simple, doesn’t it? Remember – guys aren’t very good at taking hints so make it obvious.

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Photo credit: Shutter Shock