What Your Favorite Workout Says About The Kind Of Guy You'll End Up With

by Sheena Sharma

I'm an exercise freak. I'm also kind of an expert on dating. And what do you get when you combine those two qualities? Someone who's really good at analyzing the intersection of the two.

And my friends, the way you work out says a lot about your personality, which in turn says a lot about the kind of guy you're on the prowl for.

Now, I personally like to switch up my workouts. A couple of days a week, you can find me spinning at my gym. On other days, I'm trying out a new kickboxing or dance class because I firmly believe switching up your workouts is the only way to not get bored of them.

I've never understood the girl who can go spinning five times a week and find motivation to continue going. Then again, I've also never understood the kind of girl who ends up with a guy who can provide her with a steady financial life right off the bat. Many times, that girl is one and the same. See? Everything's starting to make sense here.

As for me, well, I'm the kind of girl who always needs someone new to spice up her life. But because of that, I am alone. So, so alone.

Anyway, here's the kind of guy you'll end up with based on your workout of choice.

Spinning: Finance guy

For all my SoulCycle and Flywheel people, we all know spinning is kind of cultish. You're looking for a steady, long-term thing with a predictable kind of guy. Spinning is semi-adventurous, but for the most part, you know what you're getting into the moment you hop onto the bike.

Finance guys are so predictable, both personality-wise and everything else-wise. They'll give you comfort in the relationship because they're good at committing to things, just like you and your commitment to spinning.

Take it from someone who dated one once and decided it wasn't for her.

HIIT: Starving artist

If you like HIIT workouts, you're like me: You enjoy sudden thrills, people or things that take you on adventures you've never been on before. HIIT workouts shock your body because they're constantly switching it up, and you need a guy who's going to do the same.

That's why you'd fall hard for a starving artist, whether it's a musician, dancer or filmmaker. The key is he isn't making art for a living, but he's certainly trying.

Just be careful because he'll probably break your heart.

Kickboxing: Media man

Kickboxing combines fast, high-intensity cardio moves with strength moves. Unlike HIIT routines which more-or-less outline what you have to do, you're more in control with kickboxing because you can go at your own pace. It's also more freeing than HIIT; you can flail around and burn calories even without a punching bag.

You're not a super control freak, but you're also not lazy, and that's why you need either a journalist or PR guy. His profession is exciting, but it's still stable. It's a perfect middle ground.

Running: Doctor

I feel like I'm always hearing about the benefits of cardio exercise from doctors, dentists or other people in the medical field. If you love jogging, running or sprinting (UGH), you'll most likely end up with someone who understands why keeping your heart rate up is so important.

Well, this explains why I'm not with a doctor.

Yoga: Stoner

My yoga folk, you guys like to keep it ~chill.~ I've never been a yoga kind of girl because I can't sit in a room and not do anything for an extended period of time.

You need a guy who's just down to Netflix on the couch with you all weekend because you don't need all that hustle and bustle on weekends.

Pilates: Start-up guy

Pilates is all about slow, controlled movements. The key word here is "control." You are a control freak and you need a dude who's both lax and OK with being dominated -- you know, IRL and in the bedroom.

The start-up guy is just that. He's motivated enough to do stuff that matters with his life, but he's laid-back enough to let you wear the pants in the relationship.

Barre: Trader Joe's grocer

Barre is similar to pilates, but it's about toning and elongating the limbs more than anything else, using small movements. That's why barre ballerinas need a low-key guy who also appreciates the small things in life, like a Trader Joe's grocer.

Barre is also known to balance the mind, which, again, only supports my theory of you needing a guy who likes non-GMO products.

Don't worry. The Trader Joe's guys are always awesome, and in my experience, I've found most of them are hot. Must be all that organic coconut oil they use in their hair.

Your own routine: Serial dater/alone

You're a free spirit and barely know yourself. You go to the gym unsure of what routine will suit you that day. You do this thing where you kind of just look around at the machines and hop on whatever feels right in the moment. Because you're go-with-the-flow, you tend to go on a lot of first dates but can never decide on one guy.

So, like me, you're either always dating or always alone. We're just too damn hard to please. Sigh.