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Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund reportedly broke up, and it's so sad.

Emma And Garrett Reportedly Broke Up Following Months Of Split Rumors

Fans saw this coming, but it's still sad.

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The new year has been rough for some celeb couples, and it seems like Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are among the famous duos calling it quits in 2022. Sadly, the rumors that Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund broke up appear to be true. On Friday, Jan. 21, People exclusively spilled the tea about the relationship, which fans guessed had been on the rocks for a while. Here are the deets on Emma Roberts’ and Garrett Hedlund’s reported breakup.

You might remember that there was some talk Roberts and Hedlund had already split. Months after the initial rumors, multiple sources reportedly revealed to People that Roberts and Hedlund broke up a few weeks ago, which would mean they split around the end of December 2021 or the start of the new year. Leading up to the breakup, the celebs were allegedly experiencing a few months of troubles in their relationship. One source close to the actors reportedly told the publication, “It’s sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent. It’s been hard.”

For now, it’s unclear why the couple decided to go their separate ways. Neither Roberts nor Hedlund has commented on their split.

It seemed like the couple was going strong after they first began dating in 2019. Roberts and Hedlund welcomed their baby boy Rhodes into the world in December 2020 and have kept a pretty low profile when it comes to sharing much about their relationship with the public. The pair celebrated Rhodes’ first birthday on Dec. 27, 2021, and Roberts’ Instagram update looked like all was well. In her thread of Instagram pics, Roberts was smiling and wearing a red gingham shirt and a small cowboy hat, dressing up for the rodeo-themed party they had for their little one. “Happy Birthday Rodeo,” Roberts captioned the post. “Frosting in my hair and @thebeatbuds stuck in my head. Loved every second of it️ I love you Rhodes.” ️

Meanwhile, Hedlund officially joined Instagram on Jan. 17 to promote his first single as a solo artist.

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ICYMI, there were plenty of rumors that Roberts and Hedlund had broken up in November 2021, as fans noticed they had seemingly stopped spending time together. One of the most compelling reasons fans were sus about the pair’s relationship status was that Roberts went to Paris Hilton’s wedding without Hedlund. Instead, her talent agent Cade Hudson accompanied her, and they were photographed holding hands.

Roberts and Hedlund may have had a trying time adjusting to raising a child together, but a source close to the celebs told People in January 2021 that the TRON: Legacy actor had “stepped up when it came to fatherhood.” “Having a newborn [in lockdown] has been a lot harder than either of them expected, but they’re really, really trying their best to figure things out,” the source reportedly told the publication.

Garrett totally stepped it up after Emma was still recovering after giving birth. He made sure that their house was stocked with things that Emma liked and needed so she felt comfortable,” the insider added.

Although it seems like Roberts and Hedlund are no longer an item, here’s to hoping they can continue to co-parent baby Rhodes amicably as they get through the transition period.