6 Easy Tinder Halloween Costume Ideas For The Person Who's Obsessed With Dating Apps

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I know most people revere Halloween as the greatest holiday ever because you can "be someone you're not" for a night. But personally, I'm a fan of Halloween for a slightly different reason. Because everyone believes Halloween is a time to be something you're not, it's actually the perfect time to break out the truest form of yourself that you may not be ready to show everyone else all the time yet. So, for example, if your truest form is a person absolutely obsessed with dating apps, then perhaps some easy Tinder Halloween costumes can help you show just that. This way, if you're a little insecure about how much you love dating apps (which you shouldn't be, because it's 2017, this is the future, and sorry you like to Have Fun and Find Love maybe), you can still profess your love for them, because people will think you're just joining in the Halloween fun of being someone you're not.

So if you're a Tinder-holic and seriously can't get enough of swiping, try any one of these super fun Tinder-themed costumes come Oct. 31. They're clever, they're funny, and TBH, if you don't get at least a million right swipes with all the insane pics you'll take in these costumes, then it's time to move so you can match with funnier people. I don't know what else to tell you.

1. The Tinder Flame

For the love of God, please do not actually set yourself on fire to be the Tinder flame. Halloween is supposed to be fun, not potentially disastrous. Now that we've gotten that disclaimer out of the way, here's what you need to do.

There are a couple of ways you can go about this. You could always take the easy way out and attach a cardboard cutout of the flame to yourself. OR if you want to get creative, you can wear only the salmon-y, blood-orange color of the Tinder flame, tape some red and orange streamers to your arms, and stand in a position that looks like the Tinder flame all night. (And maybe do this in front of a fan, so the streamers blow around.)

2. Your Own Tinder Profile

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They say you should be authentic in your Tinder profile, and when I had one, I took that advice and probably went too far with it. Seriously, I took all of the worst possible pictures of me in my natural habitat (usually me making a super weird face and doing something dumb) and stuck every single one in my Tinder profile. Were they the most flattering pictures of me? Absolutely not. But they showcased my f*cked up sense of humor, which was really all I cared about.

To do this, you'll either need a white poster board or white cardboard. Cut out a square toward the top of the board that's big enough to see your face and shoulders if you hold it in front of you. Then, at the bottom of the poster or cardboard, fill in all of the info you'd find on your ideal Tinder profile for yourself — your name, age, job, and location — and include a killer ~spooky~ bio. Then, you can just dress up with whatever you think you'd wear in your own ideal profile. Hold up the poster or board in front of you so that your face is in the square, and you'll get right swipes all night long.

3. The "It's A Match" Page

Now, this one will be fun, and your Halloween Instagram pic with this baby will definitely get at least 76 likes. I can't guarantee more than that, sorry. But 76 AT MINIMUM.

Basically, you're also going to need either a poster board or cardboard for this idea. Make sure you orient it portrait style and cut out two equal-sized holes right next to each other in the center of the board (big enough to fit your face in). Then, decorate the board in a similar way to Tinder's "It's a Match!" page, as you can see above.

At whatever party you're trudging through this Halloween, you can make it interesting by gathering your friends and (most importantly) the people you ~like~ to take a picture of their face with yours. Or if you're like me, you can just get someone to take a photo shoot of you "matching" with all of your favorite types of alcohol instead.

4. Tinderella

If you're someone who likes looking super cute on Halloween (how do you do it?), then this Tinder costume is perfect for you, because you get to let BOTH of your truest forms shine through: someone who's obsessed with dating apps and a princess (duh).

For this one, pop over to the thrift store to find a super poofy blue dress or skirt (think: tulle on tulle on tulle). Instead of a tiara, though, cut out Tinder's flame logo on a piece of paper and make it into a headband by stapling it to a thin piece of paper that you can wrap around your head. Then, cut out the classic green heart and the red X you'll find on a person's profile when you're swiping through Tinder and pin them to either hip. AND VOILA! You are Tinderella, fairest dating app princess in all the land.

And if you lose a shoe at the end of the night, blame it on your costume, and not the fact that you might have gone a little too hard at the party.

5. That Viral Tinder Couple

Remember Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, otherwise known as "that viral Tinder couple"? You know, the ones who kept a joke going for literally three years on the app, in which they took months between responses because they were "busy"? YOU KNOW, THE ONES WHOM TINDER FLEW TO MAUI FOR THEIR FIRST DATE? Yeah, you remember now. Anyway, why not grab a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend — anyone — and be these two Tinder matches?

Now, there are a couple ways you can go about this with a partner. A fun option would be to print out Josh and Michelle's messages, INCLUDING THE TIME STAMPS. One of you will wear Josh's messages, and the other, Michelle's. Pin them to yourselves so when you stand next to each other, it'll look like and follow the pattern of Josh and Michelle's exchange.

However, there is another option one clever Tinder user kindly pointed out when Josh and Michelle first went viral.

If you want to get ~super creative~ with this costume, one of you can really be Michelle and wear a green shirt with a rather large leopard on it. Whoever decides to be Josh can carry around a stuffed cougar (I think that's a cougar at least; I'm bad at animal identification sometimes, you guys) while making a constant "YO, THIS IS SO DOPE" face. Who knows? Maybe Tinder will send you guys to Maui as well.

 6. The "Tinder Position"

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If you're someone who loves doing things that require little-to-no effort whatsoever (if you aren't nodding in agreement right now, we can't be friends), then this "costume" is perfect for you. Basically, you just have to wear sweatpants, an old t-shirt, and assume the "Tinder position," or the lazy position in which you're usually swiping through Tinder at, like, 11:37 p.m. If you're looking for a prime example, my go-to Tinder position was wearing my pajamas while sprawled out on the couch with chip crumbs all over me, and holding my phone too close to my face because I need new reading glasses.

So if you love Tinder, Halloween is the perfect time to show it. Dress up in your favorite Tinder-themed costume, and don't forget to swipe a little throughout the night. You never know what ~spooky~ matches could be waiting for you.

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