These Tinder Matches Avoided Each Other As A Joke For Years So Now Tinder's Stepping In

by Candice Jalili

Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas are both students at Kent State University who have never actually met, despite the fact that they matched on Tinder almost three years ago.

The two never managed to meet up IRL because they were both "busy" millennials, duh.

But that didn't stop them from having the most hilarious conversation every couple of months when they "found the time."

Read along and kick yourself in the foot for not dragging out your last Tinder conversation for three years.

It started when Josh posted screenshots of their absurd, three-year-long conversation on Twitter last week.

It started with a three-month-late "Hey sorry my phone died!" and concluded with a four-month-late "Hey Josh! Just wanted to get back to you really quickly! Presidents' Day had me swamped recently, you know how it gets!"

Yes, the two literally kept this joke going for three years.

Obviously, Michelle had the perfect response to Josh's tweet.

And as you can imagine, the internet loved it and needs them to get married.

I mean, how could they not? The two even had big cats in their profile pics!

Finally, Tinder decided to step in with literally the best offer ever.

As any classic fairy tale romance goes, after Josh posted the screenshots and the internet went nuts, Tinder noticed and decided to force them to go on a date with an offer they couldn't refuse.

They told Josh and Michelle they would send them to any city to have their first date in.

Josh and Michelle decided on Maui for their first date.

And Tinder agreed! The two just can't flake this time...

For Josh, this was absolutely a total dream come true.

Obvs because they're soulmates, it was also a dream come true for Michelle.

I guess good things really do come to those who wait.

Slow and steady (responses) won this race. So I guess this is 100 percent our modern day equivalent to the whole "tortoise and the hare" story, but, like, way cooler, since there are two tortoises and also they're in love.