5 Quick, Cheap Couples Costumes For The Couple Who's Literally Broke AF

by Cosmo Luce

There are only 43 days until Halloween, and that means you have about 42 days and change left to procrastinate on getting your couples costumes together this year. If you're currently broke AF and plan to be broke AF for the foreseeable future, you'll be in need of quick, cheap couples costumes that can be slapped together last minute without spending a dime. Because you know what's even more important than costumes on Halloween? Candy. Why spend money on a costume you'll wear once when you could use that money on Nov. 1 to splurge on enough discounted chocolate to last you the whole year?

Coming up with some ideas for a cheap couples costume can be a bit stressful when you're pressed for time, but never fear. You're sure to have all of the supplies you need for at least one of these couple's costumes in your apartment already. And if you're a true procrastinator, that means that by the time you show up to the Halloween party, everyone will be too tipsy to even notice if your homemade costumes come out looking a little less than polished. Here are the perfect couples costumes for when you and your boo are pressed for money and time this Halloween:

1. CatDog

One of the quickest cheap couples costumes out there, you really don't need that much to get dressed up as CatDog. Take two yellow T-shirts (borrow them if you don't own them already) and sew them together at the hem. If you happen to own some yellow or brown beanies, you can spend about $1 on felt at the craft store for ears and some face paint to give your characters their classic red and purple noses. Voila! Everyone laughs, and you and your honey get to literally stay attached at the hip all night. What could be cuter?

2. A Slug And A Salt Shaker

This one might sound like you're re-living your elementary school days, but Halloween basically exists for adults to act like children again. Plus, no couples costume really gets more low-key than this. The slug dresses entirely in form-fitting brown or gray clothing — leggings and a long-sleeved shirt will do. You can make some antennae out of a headband and some pipe cleaners, too.

As for the salt shaker, all you need is a long-sleeved white T-shirt with an S on the front. You can wear a white or silver beret if you want to look really cute, but since you're broke AF, you shouldn't worry about buying one unless you think it's something you'd wear for the rest of the year.

When you go to take your iconic Halloween Instagram photo, just make sure that the slug is lying belly-down on the ground as the salt shaker stands ominously over it. You don't need to spend money to be Instafamous on Halloween!

3. Aliens


Feeling lazy AF in addition to being broke AF? Been there. For this costume, all you and your partner need to do is get your hands on some green face paint and two pairs of sunglasses. If you have any holographic festival clothing left over from the summer, wear that. Trust me, you'll look like you planned it all along!

4. Silent Film Stars

You might be broke, but for this cheap couples costume, I'm pretty sure that one of you owns a suit jacket, a collared shirt, and some eyeliner. And the other can probably get their hands on a little black dress and a cloche hat. With these everyday household items, you and your honey can transform yourselves into Charlie Chaplin (that eyeliner is for the toothbrush mustache) and his flapper girlfriend. Bonus points if you can get your hands on a chalkboard and use it to transcribe everything you say throughout the evening!

5. Thunder And Lightning

You: a dark storm cloud clad entirely in black or gray, maybe with some cotton balls taped on for effect. Tease out your hair with hairspray and a comb so it looks like electromagnetic static is making it stand on end. Your partner: wearing a big, yellow lightning bolt cut out of cardboard across their chest.

Haters will say it's a slapped-together couples costume. You'll say, "IDGAF. It's Halloween. We're broke, but we're going to have a good time." Isn't that what this season is all about?

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