13 Ways To Spot The Difference Between A Real Man And A Wannabe Gentleman

by Alexa Mellardo

Let me first start out by saying there's a solid distinction between a “real man” and a “wannabe gentleman.”

The wannabe gentleman's motives become clear through even the littlest, supposed “sweet” things he does… he's just playing you for a fool. A wannabe gentleman will always incorporate that extra "fluff" you want to hear because he's a master at the game.

This phony dude attempting to disguise himself as a true gentleman or “real man” is really nothing of the sort, and he never will be.

He knows his motives upfront, and he takes on the half-assed persona of a gentleman.

Luckily for us, he doesn't cover all his tracks.

Although it's not apparent upon first glance – a guy certainly doesn't wear a sign on his forehead that reads, “Hi, my name is Asshole” – there are 13 simple ways you can spot the difference between a real man and a wannabe gentleman.

We are SO on to you, dude.

Here's how to tell if he's a real man or a wannabe gentleman who's fake AF:

1. A wannabe gentleman will ask you out for drinks, and may expect a hookup at the end of the night. A real man will ask you out for dinner, make reservations, pay for everything and truly want to get to know you.

2. A wannabe gentleman says all the “right” things you want to hear. A real man says what he actually means.

3. A wannabe gentleman throws out all these fancy words to make you swoon. He tells you you're sexy and beautiful, with no meaning behind any of it. But a real man knows you're beautiful inside and out.

4. A wannabe gentleman may say he “really wants to” meet your friends, but he never makes it happen. A real man genuinely makes an effort to get to know them.

5. A wannabe gentleman says, “We should really get together sometime. I miss you.” But a real man actually makes it happen by setting a solid plan in advance.

6. A wannabe gentleman kisses you whenever HE wants. A real man kisses you when it's the right, romantic time.

7. A wannabe gentleman can be very crafty and sneaky about the other girls he's talking to. A real man is upfront about what he wants and does not want in a relationship.

8. A wannabe gentleman has a lot to say about himself and his life. A real man shares his experiences and listens to yours.

9. A wannabe gentleman will walk you home, but a real man will hold your hand... and even give you a piggyback ride over the puddles.

10. A wannabe gentleman asks if you're cold. A real man takes off his jacket, wraps it around your shoulders and makes sure you're comfortable.

11. A wannabe gentleman thinks it's so sexy to watch you dance in the rain. A real man grabs your arms and dances with you.

12. A wannabe gentleman says he's not seeing or talking to anyone else, but disappears from conversations for part of the week. A real man proves he's not by always responding, following through and making consistent plans.

13. And if things don't end up working out, a wannabe gentleman is good with just walking away and ghosting you. A real man has the balls to tell you things aren't working out.

Beware of the man who seems to do everything right and makes you rethink your own doubts about him.

Stay strong and listen to your inner voice. We want a gentleman, but we want him to be genuine and “real” with us.

When something or someone seems too good to be true, it possibly is.