How To Be A Gentleman: Qualities Of A Gentleman For Every Gen-Y Guy

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Although most people might disagree, I often like to believe that the term “player” should be synonymous with gentleman. Quite frankly, if a player weren’t a gentleman, he would have a hard time being a player. If we look at it this way, we can see that these terms are interconnected.

This is exactly why I wanted to talk about HOW to be gentleman in today’s article. Before we start, I just want to point out that being a gentleman is not about wearing glasses and sporting a suit 24/7. It’s about the respect one offers and expects to receive, as well as the chivalry, the politeness and the perfect manners that one exhibits.

Although many women may not be aware of this, they are insanely attracted to gentlemen. The world is full of butch pigs, so manners will always put you ahead of the dating game.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s get to it. Here’s how to be a gentleman.

The Gentleman Is Always Polite

Politeness is the easiest manner to adapt. The gentleman always makes sure to say “please” and “thank you.” He is apologetic if necessary, opens doors for women, smiles, acts calmly and shows interest in the person he’s talking to. These are all basic manners that define a gentleman.

The Gentleman Hardly Ever Swears

Ideally, one should never swear but that’s almost impossible. However, overly swearing is highly unattractive and makes you sound uneducated. A gentleman always keeps his swearing to a minimum, especially if there are ladies around.

The Gentleman Can Hold His Liquor

Although the gentleman should never get wasted because it will only make him lose control, he should at least make a very conscious effort to never get drunk in the presence of his woman or the woman he’s dating. Being a drunk is a massive turn of for any woman, something that the gentleman already knows. If he’s unsure about his ability to hold liquor, he will rather not drink at all.

The Gentleman Protects His Women

The gentleman is not overly protective, but he does know that women look for protection and security in men, a skill that he has learned to master. He usually holds her waist or hand when crossing the road, staying on the outside bit of the sidewalk as he walks with his lady and he always offers to take her home, at least to make sure that she’s safe.

The gentleman also knows when to put other, out of line males, back into their place, especially if they disrespect him or his lady.

The Gentleman Is Always Helpful

If he sees that a woman is carrying something heavy, he will always offer to lend a hand. If he sees a woman standing on the bus/train, he will always offer her his seat. These rules of being a gentleman are common sense, but it seems that in this modern day and age, no man knows his manners anymore.

The Gentleman Respects Other Women

This is a big one and the gentleman knows it. One of the most disrespectful things a man can do on a date is to talk about other women and his experiences with them. The gentleman always keeps that part of his life private, especially in the presence of other women.

The Gentleman Knows When And How To Make Surprises

If the gentleman has a lady he enjoys spending time with, he knows that making the occasional surprise will do wonders for the relationship. A weekend away, or flowers on a random day, is a sure way to get his point across.

The Gentleman Respects His Body

The gentleman knows that one of the most important things in life is to take care of one’s body. He will never allow his physique to deteriorate because that’s what weak men do. He pays close attention to the way he dresses, knows how to groom and always pays attention to the overall package.

The Gentleman Is Honest

White lies have their place, but generally, the gentleman projects honesty towards the people he encounters. There’s no need for shady lies if one expects people to respect and trust him.

4 Things A Gentleman NEVER Does In The Presence Of A Woman:

He never yawns without putting his hand over his mouth – Yawning shows boredom or tiredness, but it’s also something you can’t control. If you’ve got to do it, at least put your hand over your mouth. Not doing so shows disrespect.

He never chews with his mouth open – This is just gross. Keep your mouth closed when you’re chewing food. Nobody wants to see or hear the food moving around in your mouth.

He does not fart or belch – Of course, NOT doing these is almost impossible, but refraining from doing them in the presence of other people is the least a gentleman can do. If it does happen, the gentleman always excuses himself.

He never looks at other women – This is probably one of the most disrespectful things a gentleman can do in the presence of a woman, which is why he never does it.

There you have it -- a simple plan on how to be a gentleman. If you start acting this way, the women around you will be more attracted and the men will show you more respect. It’s that easy; just try it!

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