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Rumors have surfaces online claiming John Mulaney and Olivia Munn broke up.

John Mulaney And Olivia Munn May Have Broken Up, And Social Media Is Exploding

The rumors are seriously taking over TikTok and DeuxMoi.

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Another whirlwind romance might be on the rocks, and the rumors are breaking Twitter. Comedian John Mulaney and actor Olivia Munn have been making waves since they got together, but now fans think the couple may have ended things after just a few months of dating. So did John Mulaney and Olivia Munn break up? Everyone on social media can't stop talking about the rumors.

You may remember when the Mulaney and Munn dating rumors first started swirling in May 2021. Fans began to think they were coupled up shortly after Mulaney and ex-wife Annamarie Tendler announced they were getting a divorce after a six-year marriage. Then in June, Mulaney and Munn were spotted on their first public date. It seemed like the couple had been moving at light-speed because in September 2021, on an episode of the Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mulaney confirmed that he and Munn were expecting a child.

However, their relationship didn't surprise many fans who remembered Munn's enthusiasm about Mulaney, way back when he was engaged to Tendler. In 2015, Munn said she was “obsessed” with Mulaney when she met him at Seth Meyers’ wedding. Six years later, Twitter was abuzz with the actor’s powers of manifesting. Unfortunately, it seems like something went wrong somewhere because fans are talking about potential reasons why Mulaney and Munn may have broken up.

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Anonymous celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi reportedly received a tip about Mulaney and Munn breaking up and posted the scoop to its Instagram Story on Friday, Oct. 22. "I've heard recently from a fairly reliable source that this B-C list celebrity and her baby daddy A list comedian have recently called it quits. Source is a friend who works in publicity, so make of that what you will," read the anonymous submission.


The person continued to add that “she heard they’re not attempting to fake the relationship for the public, but won’t be announcing either.”

Many people are also talking about a TikTok video from @jonathansaysyeet, posted on Oct. 22, which claimed the couple had broken up. “It’s very objectively funny that John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have broken up,” said the TikToker.

In addition to people’s reactions to the DuexMoi and TikTok posts, fans are losing it over the reportedly failed relationship:

Some fans are genuinely concerned about the baby:

One stan wants to shoot their shot:

And in the words of Marie Kondo, “I love mess” sums up the goings-on for some fans:

It’s just too much for a lot of fans who find the drama too fast and too confusing:

As of Saturday, Oct. 23, Mulaney and Munn haven’t addressed the rumors.

Although it seems like the breakup rumors might have some clout, no one will know for sure until Mulaney and Munn speak out about their relationship status. In the meantime, people on Twitter are in the biggest tailspin.