The One Day Of The Year You're Most Likely To Get Dumped Is Almost Here

by Candice Jalili

You have any plans for this Sunday? Maybe a brunch? Some shopping? Going to a sports bar for a football game watch if you're feeling a little wild?

Well, time to add one more plan to the itinerary: getting dumped.

Two weeks before Christmas, aka THIS SUNDAY, December 11, has been identified by statisticians who study Facebook posts about breaking up (yes, that is apparently a real job) as the most common day to get dumped.

Time to get in as much snuggling, free meals and late-night FaceTimes as possible over the next 72 hours because your ass is about to be single again.


Obviously, this could be due to a bunch of reasons.

As holly and jolly as they may be, the holidays come with their fair share of stress. The Mirror author, Zahra Mulroy, cites that stress as a possible reason behind the breakups.

Other possible reasons include money-conscious partners not wanting to spend money on their significant others, and more private people freaking out about introducing their SO to the family.

And even if you SOMEHOW manage to escape the curse of the December-11 breakup, statisticians have made sure you still have plenty of other days to freak out about when it comes to the possibility of your relationship coming to a screeching halt:

Information Is Beautiful

Looks like you're pretty much in the clear during the month of August.

And on Christmas Day, you're basically 100 percent golden. (Because what sort of heathen monster would decide to breakup with you on Jesus' birthday?!)

Other than that, the rest of the year gives your FB relationship status a pretty high chance of going from "in a relationship" to "single."

Another particular time to watch out for? Early March. If you look at the graph, there seems to be almost as many breakups around then as there are on December 11. So you can stay paranoid ALL YEAR LONG.

There also seemed to be an alarmingly high number of breakups on Valentine's Day, and I'm pretty horrified by these heartless monsters who seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to rip their SO's heart out on the single most romantic day of the year.

Like, would it really be THAT hard to wait until February 15?!

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