What Your Perfect Date Night Activity Says About You

by Jamie LeeLo
Kate Daigneault

Date nights look different on every couple, and they can tell you a lot about yourself.

Beyond if you're a homebody or a social butterfly, there are some key personality traits that come into play when considering your ideal date night.

For me? It USED to be a super romantic dinner over candlelight. Then, I realized that's mad expensive, and now, I much prefer dominos, my dog and re-runs of "House of Cards."

Pick your poison below and see what your perfect date night activity says about you:

Netflix and chilling

You like the classics, baby. No fuss. No frills. Just you, your hot date, a couch and "The Great British Bake Off."

You're great at connecting with a person organically, and you don't need a ton of affirmation to know things are going well or that your date is having a great time. You'll pick up on it if they aren't.

You're likely very comfortable in your own skin and feel satiated in other areas of your life, like work and friends.

Weird Groupon activity

To you, a date night is a reason to break out of your routine and do something you wouldn't normally do by yourself or on a regular week night.

It's important to you to show the world all you have to offer. You also like to capitalize on opportunities and milk them for all they're worth.

You likely value drive, ambition and the desire to seek new knowledge, and you pride yourself on having these big qualities as well.

Traditional drinks/happy hour

For you, the easiest way to get to know someone is with a little bit of liquid courage.

You're the type of person who enjoys social outings, hanging out in groups and events that gather multiple friends in one place.

You likely have many different kinds of friends from varying social circles and float between them with ease, rather than sticking to one tight-knit group.

You might also be the person people call when they are looking for someone who's down for anything because they know you can make a good time anywhere you go.


To you, the most romantic thing two people can do is give back.

You're a heavy thinker, and you can't feel like you've really connected with someone until you learn about them on a deeper level.

For this reason, you are also likely to give up personal information about your past and share secrets about yourself sooner than most would be comfortable with.

Because you are more emotionally available, potential partners might find you intimidating or "too much" at the beginning of a relationship.

Walking, like, wherever the road takes you

You're a dreamer, girl, and a romantic.

For you, it doesn't take much to fall head over heels for someone, and in general, you are delighted and seduced by the small things in life.

This makes you a great person to travel with and a good friend to have at special events, like weddings or birthdays, because you celebrate and love out loud.

Contrastingly, your friends might find you hard to deal with in a crisis, or they might often tell you to "take things more seriously" when the going gets rough.

You may feel overwhelmed when presented with rules or guidelines, and you probably struggle with detail-oriented projects.

Rage dancing

Forget dinner and a movie. You prefer to RAGE.

This might mean you're someone who needs full stimulation to get excited or energized. Anything less than BIG, LOUD and BRIGHT has difficulty keeping your attention, making you a finicky friend and a hard person to impress.

You may cancel plans frequently or bail on events that aren't "worth it" for you.

However, when you do find love or a partner, they are likely full of passion and fire, as these are the characteristics in a relationship that keep you coming back for more.

Whatever your preference may be, there is a place and time for all of these dates.

Hot tip for all activities: Wear deodorant no matter what.