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Colton Underwood is in love with his boyfriend, Jordan C. Brown.

Colton Underwood Took A Big Step With Boyfriend Jordan C. Brown

He said he's “not hiding” his political strategist BF.

Sarah Morris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ahead of the release of his new Netflix series Coming Out Colton, which drops Friday, Dec. 3, former Bachelor and NFL linebacker Colton Underwood has been busy opening up to the world about his relationship. Sure, you wouldn’t expect a veteran of two reality TV shows to be shy about his love life, but this time it’s a little different. Since coming out as gay in an April interview with Good Morning America, Underwood has publicly addressed his controversial past romance with Cassie Randolph several times. This week, however, he confirmed that he’s in a new relationship with political strategist Jordan C. Brown — and things are going well.

I’m happy, I’m in love, and I’m in a good position,” Underwood told Us Weekly in a video interview on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Underwood first disclosed his relationship of several months in a profile for the New York Times on Monday, Nov. 29, saying his family had already met Brown’s.

“The easiest way for me to say it is that it was like me bringing a girl home,” Underwood told the Times about introducing his boyfriend to his family. “Like, nobody batted an eye.”

Underwood elaborated a bit more in the Us interview two days later, adding that everything between Brown and Underwood’s families “has been pretty smooth.”

The trailer for Coming Out Colton was released on Monday, showing Underwood in the nascent stages of his new out life as he reveals more about his sexuality to different friends and family members.

“What was so cool, too, was, like, after [filming for Coming Out Colton] was over, I didn’t know what was really next,” Underwood told Us. “I knew that I was still coming out and I still am. So there’s still things to work through right now.” He added, “The friends that I have, the support group that I have has been so helpful and impactful.”

Also in the trailer, Underwood’s dad, Scott Underwood, is seen scolding his son for the way he reportedly treated his ex-girlfriend, former Bachelor contestant Cassie Randolph, who’s accused her ex of allegedly “stalking her, attaching a tracking device to her vehicle, and sending her disturbing text messages,” according to Page Six.

“Cassie filed a restraining order against you. You went off the rails,” Underwood’s dad said in the clip. Since April, Randolph hasn’t said much about her relationship with Underwood, though an inside source told Page Six on Monday that “Cassie really just wants to move past any drama having to do with Colton” and that she’s “being roped back into all this Colton mess because of the Netflix show.”

Underwood’s current partner, however, is not featured in the trailer, and apparently will not be part of the upcoming series.

“I have been through that. I have done that,” Underwood explained to Us. “Even going into the show, that was one of the conversations with the production company. … I’m not in a space right now to really, like, put myself out there like that. I had a lot of self-discovery to do.”

As he continues on his journey of self-discovery, Underwood seems determined to take better care of himself this time around. He told the Times, “If it does not make me happy and it does not fulfill me, I don’t want anything to do with it.”