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According to an expert, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans' body language on TikTok shows a playful powe...

Clayton And Susie’s Body Language On TikTok Is A Playful Power Struggle

Let’s discuss those awkward dance moves.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Another Bachelor season has come and gone, and there’s a new couple taking social media by storm. OK, so Clayton Echard and Susie Evan did not technically finish the show together (ahem, she told him that it was over and they weren’t each other’s “persons”), but they reunited after filming had wrapped and have been making memories (and TikToks) in the four months since. On March 17, they couple posted one of their first videos together, and Echard and Evans’ body language on TikTok reveals a lot about their growing romance—and it’s still a work in progress.

Their TikTok dance moves were a little rusty, and they didn’t seem to be on the same page just yet, but that’s to be expected from a new couple (especially one that’s been doing distance). “They’re not showing signs of a fully integrated couple yet.” Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, tells Elite Daily.

Though it may take them some time to find their stride as a duo, they have a strong starting point. Wood notes how much fun Echard and Evans seemed to be having in the video despite the occasional awkwardness. “She is really happy,” Wood says, pointing out Evans’ big smile. And Echard’s “absolutely comfortable being goofy around her.”

Here’s how Wood breaks it all down.

They Were Still A Little Awkward

At the start of the TikTok, Echard attempted to pull Evans through his legs, but it didn’t go very smoothly. “This is a really fun trick, but they’re super awkward with it,” Wood says. (Maybe a run on Dancing With The Stars will help?) As of this video, though, “It’s not rehearsed.” But that’s not particularly unusual; it’s a rare couple that can nail a perfectly choreographed dance move from the get-go.

Although Echard and Evans might want to embrace every dancing TikTok trend, it looks like they still need to find their footing with one another. “They’re just learning how to be playful with each other; they’re not quite in sync yet.” But, hey, practice makes perfect!


Susie Looked Super Happy And Echard Seemed Pleased


Evans’ smile in the video was obvious, and it was as unrehearsed as their dance moves. “Her smile is so, so happy and so proud,” Wood says, noting her “giddy” smile and the space between her teeth — both signs of genuine emotion. “It’s not a set or plastered smile. It’s a playful, spontaneous smile,” she adds.


Evans wasn’t the only one who looked beyond happy. Later in the video, when Echard pulled Evans in with the crook of his elbow, he had a sweet smile. Wood notes the “relaxed and satisfied” look on his face. “It’s a very gentle ownership gesture that says, ‘You are mine,’” she adds.

Susie Wanted Some Power


In one part of the TikTok, Evans grabbed Echard’s face — and Wood says that this move is telling. “She wants to manipulate where his head is. She wants it closer to hers,” she says. “It’s strong and controlling.” And, per Wood, this looks like a pattern.


Later in the TikTok, Evans (who is 5′8″) stood on the couch, towering over Echard (who is 6′5″). “They’re playing with the power dynamic between them,” Wood says. “She wants to be taller.” TBH, it doesn’t look like Echard minded her power move.

That Choking Picture Was “Attention-Seeking”


The TikTok wasn’t all sweet cuddles and awkward dance moves; Echard and Evans also snuck was in a choking picture that felt a little too intimate. “It’s attention-seeking,” Wood says. Well, if they wanted a reaction, mission accomplished. The picture went viral.

Though there’s nothing wrong with posting it online (and we don’t kink-shame), Wood does note that Echard might have been a bit “uncomfortable” with the pose. “He’s looking away, so it’s not intimate or sexual play,” Wood guesses. And according to her, his mouth and his eyes seemed to send a “I’m uncomfortable” message. Of course, it could be that he just isn’t the mood for a choking-themed photoshoot.

If this TikTok is any indication, Echard may not be into choking after all. But it looks like he and Evans have plenty of other things to bond over — dance practice, anyone?