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Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' body language in their last Instagram together looked off, according to...

Before Clare And Dale's Reported Split, Their Body Language Was Sad

And it hints at who initiated the breakup.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

If I’m being totally honest, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ breakup did not come as a complete surprise — at least, not to me. On social media, there were some signs that things were not totally rosy for the two of them. Between Crawley ignoring Moss’ birthday to her sharing a cryptic post about trust on her IG Story, things were looking very ~eh~ for this duo. Even in their last post together, a photo from their double date night at the U.S. Open (with Bachelor Nation’s Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes), Crawley and Moss seemed, well, off.

Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, explains the awkwardness in the Sept. 9 photo to Elite Daily. “There's a lot of tension,” she says. Considering the news of their reported breakup came out on Sept. 27 (quick math: only 18 days later!), it sounds like Wood’s interpretation is right on.

Not to mention, according to Wood, “It seems like he's probably the one who left her.” 👀 Here’s how she breaks down the photo.

They Are “Out Of Sync”

According to Wood, Crawley and Moss aren’t mirroring each other’s stance in the photo — a clear sign that they aren’t 100% on the same page. “Crawley is matching and mirroring [Thurston], so it takes her out of sync with [Moss]. She's not in alignment or matching him.”

Things Look Tense

Wood also points to some serious tension in their posture, especially Crawley’s. “Notice the couple's feet, how tense their lower legs are. There's a lot of tension.” Plus, it looks like she’s ready to walk away from him. “She is standing fairly far away. It's still within a 10-inch range, but she's standing — she's bringing her leg, her one leg and her foot, as far away from him [...] as she can.”

Not to mention, her smile looks “strained.” Wood explains, “You can see she's conflicted and trying to smile but holding back tears, holding back sadness.” In comparison, Moss’ smile is much more relaxed. (Part of the reason Wood suspects he was the one to initiate the split.)

Crawley Has Her Guard Up

Wood pinpoints Crawley’s hand as “the most interesting” piece of the body language puzzle. “She's reaching back for him, but she's not — it's a mixture of reaching back and hitting away. If she was in a full reach-back, her fingers would be tucked at the knuckles and you'd see more of a bend or reach-back with the rest of the arm. But it's more like, ‘Oh, yeah, we're supposed to be a couple.’”

And her other hand placement is just as telling, per Wood. “If you look at where that other hand placement is [gripping her purse strap], that's at her heart. So, she's holding her heart together there.”

It looks like Moss knows it, too. Despite his easy smile, his body language also shows some discomfort. “He's got his hand on her shoulder. But if you look at the fingers, instead of them being relaxed, splayed out, it's almost like, ‘I'm afraid I'll feel burned,’” Wood tells Elite Daily.

Whether they really are done for good or not, Crawley and Moss’ body language doesn’t look too promising. But, hey, they’ve definitely gotten through worse.