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Here are 9 clues that Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' reported breakup was coming for a while.

9 Clues Clare And Dale’s Reported Breakup Was Coming

History repeats itself.

Their Reported Breakup Isn’t A Huge Shock

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ reported breakup on Sept. 27, 2021 was not a shock. From a whirlwind reality TV romance to a messy public breakup, these two often spark speculation about their connection.

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Crawley and Moss’ first breakup made it pretty clear there was a disconnect between the two of them. When Moss announced that they had “decided to go [their] separate ways” on IG on Jan. 19, 2021, Crawley clarified that it was his decision, not hers. She responded, “I am crushed.”

A surprise breakup over Instagram sounds almost impossible to get over, IMO.