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John Legend's 2022 V-day card for Chrissy Teigen this year was hilariously simple.

Chrissy Teigen’s V-Day Card From John Was, Well, Legendary

But not in the way you'd expect.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

When John Legend sat down to write his wife Chrissy Teigen a Valentine’s Day card this year, he may not have expected it to be broadcast to her 36.9 million followers on Instagram. After all, the crooner only managed to type a grand total of 34 characters — “Happy Valentine’s Day, My love!” signed “Johnny” with a red heart emoji — on a plain white piece of paper. It was a far cry from the grand gestures that celebrity couples come to expect on V-Day. But a deeply entertained and frankly flabbergasted Teigen shared it anyway, cackling about how her ultra romantic wordsmith of a husband could produce such a blah card.

Teigen, who was pictured holding up the card and laughing, captioned the image with a simple message of her own: “dead,” she wrote. “I guess he saves it all for the songs.”

Within seconds, the comment section filled up with folks eager to join in the adorable roast.

Comedian Whitney Cummings said she was “screaming” while Kim Kardashian’s former assistant Stephanie Shepherd weighed in with a sarcastic “poetic !!!”

One fan said, “We appreciate your sacrifices for his music 😂,” while another was thrown into a bit of an existential crisis. They demanded: “So what is even the point of being married to john legend if this is what he comes up with for valentine’s day? What is the point?!”

But the best comment, of course, came from the Legend himself, who wrote, “You could at least show the beautiful flowers! 😂” in defense of his lackluster stationery.

Teigen’s post was especially hilarious because she and her husband are two of the most openly romantic celebs on the internet. Last year’s Valentine’s Day, for example, looked a little different for the couple: Teigen shared a 4-minute tear-jerker video detailing their love story from when they met in 2006, through 2013 when they got married, and all the way to now, as they share two kids and a life together.

And while Legend’s gift may not have been hall-of-fame worthy, it certainly was to-the-point. I think that’s what they call “minimalist chic.”