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Camila Cabello shut down rumors she's engaged to her boo Shawn Mendes, and here's why.

Camila Cleared Up Rumors She Got Engaged To Shawn In The Funniest Way

She explained why wearing a ring on that finger didn't mean what fans thought.

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Camila Cabello has fans wondering if there are wedding bells on the horizon. Engagement rumors bubbled up after the singer was spotted with a ring on ~that~ finger, but it looks like they aren’t true. On a Thursday, Aug. 26 episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Camila Cabello shut down rumors she’s engaged to Shawn Mendes in the funniest way.

ICYMI, Cabello first sparked rumors that she might be engaged when she posted a TikTok video on Saturday, Aug. 21. In the clip, Cabello showed off her daily workout routine, but all eyes were on her left ring finger. Fans noticed the ring in a big way and started commenting on the vid asking if she was engaged. Well, unfortunately for those who ship the couple, it looks like a wedding isn’t happening just yet. When Fallon asked if Mendes had proposed to her on The Tonight Show, she cleared it all up: "He has not, and I am not engaged.”

The “Havana” singer continued, “I swear to god, I don’t know what hand the engagement ring goes on, so sometimes I’ll just put it on my ring finger.” Cabello added, “I mean, I’d actually like you to enlighten me — which hand is the engagement hand?”

Although it seems a bit far-fetched that she doesn’t know which hand your engagement ring goes on, Cabello continued her story by backing it up with an explanation. "My parents are married, and they both lost their ring. Literally, my mom couldn’t tell me either. She could save me from this, but she doesn’t because she doesn’t know either,” the singer continued.

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You can watch the full clip below:

Although there are certainly cultural differences in some countries concerning where you wear an engagement and wedding ring, Cabello grew up in Cuba, where they keep the engagement ring on their left ring finger until the wedding ceremony. Then, once a couple is married, they reportedly switch the ring to their right ring finger. If that’s the case, that fact, in addition to her mom and dad losing their rings, could very well leave Cabello a bit confused on where an engagement ring goes.

Despite the false engagement rumors, Cabello and Mendes are still a happy couple and recently celebrated their two-year anniversary, as well as his 23rd birthday. On Mendes’ birthday on Aug. 8, Cabello posted a thread on Instagram with the caption, “feliz cumpleaños mi amor. thankful for your existence everyday [sic].”

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The photos include a pic of Mendes laughing on a swing, a clip of him sipping on some espresso, and a sweet snapshot of her kissing his cheek.

Fans will just have to wait and see if these two ever decide to tie the knot!