How To Convince Your Buzzkill Boyfriend To Get In The Halloween Spirit

by Candice Jalili
Fox 2000 Pictures

What do you do if you LOVE Halloween, but all your boyfriend wants to do is stay in and avoid the holiday altogether?

Obviously, you don't need him to have a good time. Your friends have a fun plan lined up, you already have a costume picked out and you literally CAN'T WAIT.

Your boyfriend, on the other hand? Well, he wants nothing to do with any of it.

You guys have been dating for years, and Halloween has never been his thing. Usually, you try to let it go. But this year, you're sick of him raining on your Halloween parade.

It's not even like he's actively doing anything to ruin your Halloween; it's just that his absence on one of the most fun days of your year feels wrong.

The fact of the matter is, you love him. And it bums you out that you can't share this awesome day with someone you love.

Just the thought of him sitting there doing nothing while you're out having the time of your life makes you sad.

So, how do you convince him to stop being such a DOWNER and start having fun? I've got you covered, girlfriend.

Come up with a plan of activities you know he'll enjoy.

This is where the whole "compromise" thing gets involved.

Maybe he's not down for Halloween this year because you and your crew all decided to get tickets to a big event at a bougie club downtown, and that's just not his scene.

He's not deliberately trying to make you upset; he just doesn't want to come along and be miserable and, as a result, make you miserable.

So if it really means a lot to you to have him out with you on Halloween, maybe try to think of an activity he'd enjoy more.

Maybe he'd be happy partying with you if it meant hitting up his favorite bar instead of going to a prepaid event?

Or maybe a good compromise would be hanging out at home, giving candy out to trick-or-treaters for a couple of hours before meeting up with friends at a party instead of dragging him on an elaborately planned, day-long bar tour.

If you're really adamant about spending Halloween with him, you've got to be open to meeting him halfway.

Get his friends involved.

I'm going to go ahead and assume your boyfriend is not some friendless, hermit loser. Based on this assumption, I'm going to guess his friends have some Halloween plans in the works.

Get them involved! I'm sure they want him out and about just as much as you do.

Maybe he can go to the fun bar all his friends are going to while you go to the bougie club with your friends, and the two of you can meet up after.

Or, better yet, maybe you could skip the bougie club and just spend Halloween with him and his friends at their bar of choice.

Think about it: You're playing the long game here, so letting him plan Halloween on his terms this year will make him more open to letting you make the plans next year.

He'll appreciate your effort and your clear sign of love, and will (hopefully) reciprocate it in the future.

Remember: Pressuring him to give you what you want will never get you where you want to be.

Show him you care about this holiday — and him — in a loving way, and he'll start to see why it matters so much to you.

Think of some costume ideas that are up his alley.

Maybe he's a big Patriots fan. Be Tom and Gisele! Maybe he loves "How I Met Your Mother." Be Lily and Marshall!

Or maybe he's like my best friend's ex-boyfriend and has a thing for Hermione Granger. Play into this fantasy and be the Hermione to his Ron!

Costumes are your friend here. Think of something he'll actually enjoy dressing as or, at the very least, enjoy seeing you dressed as.

This will, hopefully, pique his interest and get him a little more invested in the Halloween spirit.

Remind him this means a lot to you.

Sometimes, when you really love someone, you just have to suck it up and do something for no reason other than you know it will make them happy.

Remind your boyfriend just how happy this will make you. Not because you need him to have a good time, but because it's a fun day and you want the person you love there to enjoy it with you.

One day, something will mean a lot to him and you'll be there. Why? Because you love him... but also because you remembered the year he came out on Halloween even though he really didn't feel like it.

It's all about compromise.