Two people using a couples sex toy to spice up their romantic life.
30 Sex Toys For Couples Under $40 To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Date night just got way hotter 🔥

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Having a fun sex life is a critical ingredient to a long-lasting and happy relationship. But sometimes, life gets in the way. It’s hard to be down for a sexy time when you’re juggling never-ending to-do lists, school, or work stress. If you want to take things to the next level in the bedroom, there are steps you can take to spice it up — like incorporating a sex toy for couples into your routine.

I always say a sex toy is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship with yourself and your boo. As a sex & relationship coach, I regularly preach the importance of partnered play to my clients, friends, family, boyfriend... and really anyone that will listen. Think about it: When you throw a vibe into the mix with your S.O., you have to practice communicating what you like and becoming more comfortable about your pleasure. Plus, there’s nothing to lose. The sex toy exists purely to enhance your pleasure — and your sweetheart’s — to help you both explore new sides of erotic sex together.

Perhaps you like toys that only focus on your erogenous zones or maybe you’re really into PIV penetration or all you just want is a rumbly vibe that gets your nether regions tingling (whatever gets you off!). That said, I’ve pulled some of the best sex toys for couples from my favorite sex toy sites, Adam and Eve and Babeland. Even better? They’re all under $40! For beginners to advanced users, there’s something in here you’ll want to add to your cart.

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Looking for a sex toy for couples that can multitask? This cock ring helps increase the girth and length of the wearer’s erection while the bunny ears vibrate at three different speeds for pleasure all around.

You can swirl and wrap your tongue around the good bits on your honey’s body, or you can lean on this mini vibe to take oral sex to the next level. The toy is versatile enough to wear on your tongue or your fingers, it has 40 minutes of battery life, and comes in orange and pink.

Love giving your partner massages? Give your hands a break and try the multi-purpose mini wand massager for their body aches… including their private parts. The vibe provides rumbly deep vibrations and features a multi-speed dial base control so you can choose your desired setting.

Let the sparks fly with this rabbit-inspired couples’ ring. The enhancer helps the wearer stay hard while the bunny ear clit stimulator activates the clit with pinpoint rounded tips. With one touch of the button, the toy can rock out seven vibrations, pulsations, and patterns.

Into bondage? Pick up this sexy, soft blindfold. The dual elastic straps securely fasten over your face so you can put it on and enjoy all of your uninhibited sex dreams. Plus, the blindfold is so comfortable that it can double as a sleep mask when you want a good night’s rest.

Babeland’s handmade candles can be titillating to your senses: They smell like honey vanilla, look great on your nightstand, and the essential oils melt into to a slippery, warm consistency you can seductively rub on your partner’s skin. Splurge a little and upgrade from the small 2oz size to 6oz if you want more to play with.

Sex is already physically taxing as you switch positions, match your partner’s rhythm, and try out new things in bed. This multi-speed Venus Butterfly vibrator stays in place for all of your kinkiest explorations with your partner — foreplay, penetration, and everything in between.

If you want an intense sexual experience, bring the Raging Bull under the sheets. The waterproof enhancer is made to amplify pleasure by helping the wearer sustain a rock-hard erection with a removable waterproof bullet for buzzy clitoral stimulation for the partner.

If you want to “play and please” in style, you’ll love this all-in-one kit that includes a portable external vibe, an external smooth vibe, and a flexible cock ring. All three toys have a removable motor with five rumbly vibration modes, three speeds, and two patterns.

This top-rated couples kit comes up with a luscious strawberry gel for a delicious X-rated treat on the nipples and clit. For people with penises, the wild cherry gel has a mild cooling sensation to add some pizzazz to blow jobs (or heavy making out). The kit also comes with a mini single-speed vibrator and an optional tongue-shaped sleeve to slip over when your tongue is tired and you want to tap something else in to finish the job.

The Romp is a sleek, rechargeable ring designed with two control buttons. If you want to change the rhythm of your experience, no problem — choose between six vibrations and four pulsation patterns to help bring you to orgasm faster. The ergonomically designed toy can be used for solo or partnered play.

For beginner and experienced sex toy users alike, bring this vibrator to the bedroom for maximum enjoyment. It has a wide base for great thrusting and features nubby clitoral ticklers for incredible sensation. Still not convinced? This hot pink vibe has racked up an impressive 4.5 average rating and has been sold over 425,000 times to happy customers.

For people with penises, it’s a little-known secret that one of the best orgasms is the prostate. If you’re wanting to try it out, take out this p-spot massager for a spin. Made to tease and taint, the ergonomically designed shaft is shaped for easy insertion and toe-curling stimulation.

Handcuffs make a classic sex toy for a reason. It’s hot as hell to have your partner grab your hands during sex, so imagine throwing on a pair of handcuffs and amping things up a bit. You can restrain their hands together, or cuff one of their hands against a bed post or a shower frame so they stay in place. Whatever it is, these comfortable cuffs have adjustable Velcro strips for a firm hold.

Sex toys don’t have to be penetrative to count (as long as the item brings fun into the bedroom!). Take a gamble and try out this sexy dice set. Designed to break the ice and a few taboos, rolling the dice can bring out hidden kinks you didn’t even know you had.

Stifle your moans with this sexy black gag you can wear between your lips. The vegan leather straps ensure a secure fit around your head. Pair it with your other bondage toys for your wildest sex adventures (just be sure to establish consent with your partner beforehand!).

My boyfriend and I started using a wedge pillow during our intimate acts and it’s a game-changer. It’s one of our favorite things to put under my butt for hot missionary sex that hits the spot. It’s very durable — supporting up to 300 pounds — but also has a velvet surface and grippy handles so it stays in place.

This game board is chock-full of fun ideas to understand your partner better whether you’re a new couple or in an established relationship. You can answer steamy questions, strip-tease, or choose a dare that gets you extra naughty. The board game has additional features to deepen intimacy and get you more physical with each other.

Crafted out of faux leather, this slim riding crop measures twelve-by-two inches and can discreetly fit into a handbag or a briefcase. One whip can make your partner yelp with pleasure. It’s great for any and all domination fantasies — just make sure you’ve established consent first!

This ultra stretchy ring can accommodate most shapes, sizes, and girths. Not only does it help you and your partner last longer, but it’s designed to lay flat around the base so it doesn’t roll out of place during play.

This super comfortable ring is versatile for all of your foreplay and penetration fantasies with your partner — it can be used as a penis, dildo, or fingers. The cock ring has different motor functions with three intensity levels and a pulsation mode, while the bottom motor stays on and steady for a pleasurable sensation.

You can break out your kama sutra book to try something new, or you can gamify it with this provocative deck of sexy cards. The pack comes with 50 sex cards, one fantasy card, and three rules — but TBH, feel free to throw those rules out the window. In this game, there are no rules or losers, really. Only a curious attitude and winners all-around!

Sometimes, you just need one simple toy that can give you everything you’re looking for. This petite vibrator does the job as a cock ring, finger vibrator, or a nifty add-on to your dildo. Who said you can’t have it all?

If you’ve been wanting to try bondage, you need this rope in your boudoir. Made out of a flexible help fiber, it bends comfortably to the body to restrain you (or your partner) in place. For all of your out-of-the-box bindings, the craftsmanship matters — this rope is composed of a 6mm weave and three-strand twist design to stay sturdy against your bare skin.

This double cock ring has a ring to fit around the base of the shaft plus a larger one to wrap around the testicles. It also comes with a vertical waterproof bullet to stimulate all of the good bits for you both during sex.

This smooth vibe is made out of body-safe ABS plastic with a slight curve to fulfill all of your prostate and G-spot stimulation desires. Bonus: Your partner can use the little contoured, one-touch controller to control the intensity and pulsation of the vibration.

Having sex with someone you adore is super romantic. Heighten the scene by sprinkling some of these reusable flower petals over the bed or in a candlelit bath. This added step can make all the difference from a fun romp in bed to a sweet night you’ll always remember. Light, candles, roses, and action, baby.

This anal plug was designed for maximum comfort: it features a tapered tip for comfortable insertion, wings for a snug fit, and a cradle-like base and extended neck for all-night wear. The toy comes in yellow, blue, purple, and a pink confetti design.

Reading tarot cards is one of my favorite hobbies, and when you add some sexy imagery to the cards? All the better. If you want to bring a little sultry magic to your sex life, pull some cards and act out the kinky fantasies illustrated in the readings. As for your future… I predict that you and your partner will have a good time with this deck.

Want to make oral sex even sweeter? Add this yummy gel for a pop of mouthwatering cotton candy flavor” on your partner’s genitals. Sugar-free and gluten-free, it contains no added parabens or mineral oil so you can use as many pumps as you want. Yum!

Using a sex toy together can be a blast, but the real fun is choosing one that truly wows you both. You can discover your preferences, personalization, and fantasies by playing around with new toys and seeing what you like. Choosing the right couples sex toy is guaranteed to bring extra oomph to your sexual interactions and become a mainstay in your nightstand drawer.

From vibrators to card games to a bag full of roses, there are so many ways you can spice things up with your partner. Being curious about partnered play by introducing toys and fun to the bedroom shows your significant other how much you prioritize their pleasure, but most importantly, that sex is a fun space to try new things and have fun.