Kenny’s Daughter Is The One Person We Should All Go To For Relationship Advice

by Sean Abrams

After proving his worth by being the better man during continuous arguments with fellow contestant, Lee Garrett (who, by the way, was finally sent packing for being the worst), pro-wrestler Kenny King found himself going home in the latest surprise of the Bachelorette season.

He enjoyed having Rachel in his life, but it was the potential of introducing her to his 10-year-old daughter McKenzie that had him questioning his place in the competition.

We already knew how Kenny felt about his daughter before the show even aired, with his ABC contestant bio stating she was "literally [his] reason for living." When the muscled athlete isn't pummeling guys in a ring, he's spending all the time he can with McKenzie.

But it was a quick FaceTime with McKenzie, where she gave her dear ol' dad dating advice, that really tugged at the heartstrings of all of America. While she missed her dad, too, she put on a strong face and reassured him, "You deserve to be happy. If you really like her, then you really like her!"


It was clear Kenny was struggling with the distance from his daughter. Being aware that hometown visits were approaching, Rachel understood Kenny's concern that allowing McKenzie to meet her, only to have things potentially not work out, would be too much of an emotional rollercoaster to handle.

Tears were shed, and the two parted ways, with Rachel asking Kenny to "hug and kiss that little girl" for her upon his arrival back home.

While The Bachelorette must go on, we're still hung up on Kenny's daughter McKenzie and, in particular, her solid relationship advice at such a young age that we could all use.

Below, you'll find Twitter users share the same sentiment and hope they'll find their own McKenzie to give them advice one day.

Girl, you're preaching to the choir.

I'm not emotional, you're emotional.

She should have her own ABC series.

Petition for McKenzie as the next Bachelorette (when she's old enough), anyone?

Again, so much spin-off potential here.

McKenzie is literally so wise for a 10-year-old.

America is drowning in the tears of Kenny and his daughter.

I wouldn't be surprised if McKenzie was driving the limo this whole time.

A 10-year-old's advice > an actual therapist.

McKenzie, if you hear me, I need your support.

Who knew such a sentence could be so powerful when spoken by a child?

Adorable overload.

All. The. Feels.

The future of this reality show is McKenzie, hands down.

Chris Harrison, you look like you need a relationship coach co-host.

Someone get McKenzie on set, contract signed, ready to go. I'm all for it.