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Pete Davidson has a purple-green aura and Kim Kardashian has a pink aura.

An Aura Reader Analyzed Photos Of Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson

And now they finally make sense together.

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Who would’ve guessed Kim would jump from Kimye to Kete? Not I. But maybe an aura reader would. I spoke to Mystic Michaela, a third-generation psychic and aura reader, and her analysis of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s auras shed fascinating light on their relationship.

Auras are colored energy fields that surround all of us. Ever meet someone and get an instant vibe from them? That’s their aura. How your two auras relate can explain why you dislike or like said person. Mystic Michaela has been able to see auras since she was a child. And by “see”, I mean actually see with her own two eyeballs. While you’re watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey, wondering what would possess someone to overturn a table and scream in public, she’s watching the cast’s auras and shaking her head as she sees the true triggers underneath the behavior. Auras give Mystic Michaela insight into a person’s behaviors, personality, emotional makeup, and much more.

Every aura is made up of one to three colors, with two being the most common. If two people share the same color combo, it means they have similar motivations and characteristics, but each aura is unique. Mystic Michaela sees 10 colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo, pink, turquoise, rainbow, and crystal. Every color has its own quirks and characteristics (something she observed after many years doing psychic readings) and the various colors combine to create a unique pattern, with one shade generally taking the lead.

Can Mystic Michaela explain the mystery that is #Kete? I am on a mission to find out.

Kim Kardashian: Pink

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Kardashian is primarily pink, one of the rare auras. “Pinks are notoriously demonized by society for being shallow, self-centered, and naïve,” says Mystic Michaela. “What pink auras really are is joyful, shy, and sensitive, and they have a strong love of beauty in all its forms.” Other famous pink aura people include Marilyn Monroe (which makes Kardashian’s love of her not surprising), Kardashian’s friend Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears.

Like a horse with blinders, “they can shut out what they don’t want to see in an attempt to keep things the way they envision them,” says Mystic Michaela. This may explain how Kardashian is able to continue focusing on her goals, like going to law school, fighting to halt wrongful executions, and building her brand SKIMS even as she gets backlash from critics, tabloids, and trolls.

“But Kim is not naïve at all. She just chooses when she wants to do something about it,” says Mystic Michaela.

Pete: Green and Purple

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“Green-purples are generally very intense in relationships,” says Mystic Michaela. “They come on strong, fall in love quickly, and then can be very passionate. Pete happens to be more purple naturally than green, so he can have a more vulnerable tone to his intensity.” (Kardashian-themed tattoos, anyone?) By contrast, “someone with more a green aura lead would be more intense but with a less vulnerable vibe, perhaps even a bit more stoic.”

Now, let’s get to what I’ve truly been wondering about — Davidson’s rumored BDE. “Green-purples are notoriously good in bed! I get that he has appealed to women who want to be seen, who want to feel connected emotionally to someone. Pete doesn’t have much of a wall up and he's good with women in general.”

How Kardashian and Davidson’s Auras Impact Their Relationship

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If you were scratching your head trying to figure out how Kardashian and Davidson are a couple, you are not alone; the internet is with you. The two seem like total opposites so it’s hard to imagine what they have in common besides a love of rappers. But as it often turns out, there’s more than meets the eye.

Kardashian appears to want something different than she had in previous relationships. “She wants lightness, laughter. She wants authenticity and realness,” says Mystic Michaela. During the series finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2021, Kardashian told her mother Kris Jenner, “I have the extravagant, everything you could possibly imagine. But, I think I'm ready for the smaller experiences.” Davidson’s emotional side complements Kardashian’s desire for less fanfare; he can provide those simple, sweet moments she craves.

“Kim has an ability to look past someone’s quirks and see them for who they are. She's not easily scared away by someone being exactly who they are, and she loves them all the more for it.” It seems like Davidson now feels accepted for who he is, and Kardashian enjoys his laidback, funny, authentic demeanor. “With Kim, he feels really successful,” says Mystic Michaela. After years of self-deprecating jokes, it seems like Davidson is stepping into a new phase of confidence and positivity.

“Kim feels more in charge of her life now, and Pete isn’t going to challenge that,” claims Mystic Michaela. “He lets her be her and encourages her to make her own choices.” Whereas her ex Kanye West sometimes firmly disagreed with her opinions, Kete seems to have a different relationship. “Davidson just wants her companionship,” Mystic Michaela adds. I stan a supportive partner.

Even though Kardashian appears to be very public about her life (The Kardashians is her — *checks notes* — fourth reality show), according to Mystic Michaela, she's “actually quite private and careful about who she lets in. I feel like Pete appreciates this and feels special because of it. I get in past relationships, Pete didn’t feel so ‘inner circle’ like he does now.”

Just how “inner circle” is he now? Well, he’s been photographed with Kardashian’s older daughter, North West, and he reportedly has a tattoo tribute to his girlfriend and her four children. Green-purple auras are super into showing their love physically, and for Davidson, that manifests as getting inked. Tattoos are his way of showing Kardashian that he cares. “While it’s kind of intense, that's just how he expresses himself,” says Mystic Michaela. “Kim understands that it's a gesture of love that's authentic to him.”

While Kete initially seemed to be an odd fit, it’s starting to make sense. And if they’re in love, that’s all that matters.

Wondering what your aura might be? Visit Mystic Michaela’s highlights on Instagram for more info on each color and how you can determine yours.


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