4 Reasons Asking Him To Take You Back Never Works

by Jade Whitfield
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So, you've broken up with him for reasons he might not know and only you do. One of the reasons may be because he was boring, you didn't go out for romantic dinners or you just got sick of putting up with his bullshit. You're finally free, only to realize a few months down the line that you've made a terrible mistake, and you miss him.

Chances are you only miss him because you haven't met "Mr. Right" and you simply can't be bothered to start dating. It's easy for you. He knows you just as much as you know him. He knows your flaws, your embarrassing moments and chances are he has probably cheered you up when your best friend pissed you off.

If you feel, however, that you do start to miss him and you are thinking about getting back with him, don't. There are reasons why you broke up with him in the first place, and you need to remember this whenever the thought of getting back with him pops up into your mind.

The problems are still going to be there, and sooner or later the annoyances that prompted you to break up with him will inevitably start to show again.

1. It will damage your self-esteem

He doesn't want to get back with you, because he has moved on. This will make you feel like shit, because you will start to think things like, "how could he get over me so quickly?" and "did he even love me in the first place?"

This will, for sure, damage your self-esteem. Now your self-esteem is low, you will start to think that you only deserve him and nothing better. My girl, you are so wrong. There are so many other men out there that will treat you 10 times better, believe me.

2. You have both changed

It might've only been a week or a month, however, I can guarantee that the pair of you have changed. It might not have been something drastic, but one of you may of slept with someone else, or your outlook on relationships was ruined.

If you find he has slept with someone else, this is only going to make you feel worse about yourself. Especially if he has told you  that he has already "moved on" and you hear that he is sleeping around to try and get over you. You do not want this in your life, and you don't want to be his "side chick."

3. He will love that he is in control

He may not give you a straight answer, and he will tell you the classic "I need to think about it." This is the part where you are dangling on a thread, waiting patiently for him to make up his mind.

This is limbo, and you do not want to find yourself here. This place is dark, and loneliness can start to take its toll; soon, you find yourself becoming desperate and not giving him the "space" that he so desperately needs.

You find yourself texting and calling him more, and this will only push him further away, and going back to my first point, this will damage your self-esteem, because you realize that he doesn't actually want you back.

4. He might take you back out of pity

OK, so maybe you two get back together. If you found yourself crying to him most nights and begging him to take you back, chances are, he took you back out of pity. You were texting and calling him, and probably distracting him from going out.

He has no one around, and like any of us, probably got lonely too, and took you back because you were there and easy for him. Do not let this be the case. Do not degrade yourself like that. You deserve the best.