5 Reasons An Alpha Woman Should Date A Simple Guy

by Sheena Sharma
Jeremy Pawlowski

Alpha girls rule the world. Where all my alpha girls at?

Alphas don't take "no" for an answer. They're outspoken, unapologetically brave and flat-out wild.

Because of their ferocity, they may be difficult to deal with in relationships.

I consider myself to be an alpha. In relationships, I'm stubborn as hell. I need to wear the pants, which is why I need a simple guy. You know, a guy who will just let me do my thing without being a dick and trying to deter me from doing it because it makes him feel small.

Alpha girls should date simple guys for five reasons:

1. They balance each other out.

Two strong personalities in a relationship will always clash, plain and simple, just like two more diluted personalities in a relationship will mean nothing ever gets done.

Every relationship needs two kinds of people: the one who stirs the pot when it comes to arguing for the sake of arguing, and the one who's willing to rival that person, but not to the point of total volatility and eruption.

An alpha with an alpha will stir the pot to destruction. The alpha guy will be the one slamming the door and needing "space" from his girlfriend until he can cool down.

An alpha and a simple guy, however, will stir the pot, but be able to come up with some sort of feasible solution to the problem. The two go together like vodka and soda. Opposites attract, after all.

2. He'll let her take the spotlight.

Alpha females often butt heads with alpha males. That's because much of the time, the world just isn't big enough for the both of them.

At first, butting heads can seem thrilling. But the thrill gets old, because in a relationship, that thrill just becomes a nuisance.

In theory, I love a guy who is forthcoming about what he wants. There's nothing sexier. But in reality, that guy truly gets on my nerves over extended periods of time because he doesn't give me room to say what I want to say or do what I want to do.

I once dated a Leo. Everyone knows Leos are tenacious beings, which is why he and I just didn't work out. He was always going this way and I was always going that way. He tried to steal my shine and I wasn't having it.

Alphas need the spotlight. They're unwilling to share it. That, my alpha friends, is fine. That just means they should be with someone who's willing to give it to them.

Alphas need the spotlight. They're unwilling to share it.

3. Simple guys are chivalrous.

Simple guys, unlike alpha girls, are uncomplicated.

They're also chivalrous in nature. They're old-school and revert back to the simple ways of doing things in relationships, like opening doors for you.

See, alpha males often let their egos get in the way of mannerisms that dictate how a man should treat a lady.  They're the kind of guys who question the morality of male-female dynamics and fire back with "But feminism killed chivalry!" In short, they won't open doors for you.

Simple guys will let a feminist be a feminist and not let it get in the way of how he feels about his manhood. Simple guys are a man's man.

4. She can teach him what she likes in the bedroom.

...and he won't let what he likes in the bedroom overshadow her desires.

Yes, sexual relationships should be give-and-take. But as an alpha dating a calm, cool, collected guy, you won't find yourself having to fight (yes, literally physically fight, in a non-abusive kind of way) over which position to try next during sex.

The simple guy and the alpha girl will be able to sexually explore what each other likes without her asserting what she likes seeming like a power play.

5. She's looking for a partner, not an adversary.

At the end of the day, alpha women are looking for someone to support their wildest dreams. They need someone who's ambitious like them, but not selfish to the detriment of the relationship.

Alphas have very distinct visions for what they want their lives to look like.

An alpha male, a go-getter in nature, might be a traveling businessman or a self-important musician that'd put his music and all the places it takes him before his relationship, always.

So an alpha girl should be with a guy who knows how to compromise, and is secure enough to travel halfway across the world with her so she can pursue her dreams. Because if she isn't with a guy who would do that for her, the relationship will never work because her dreams will always come last.

And if the simple guy really loves her as much as he says he does, he's secure enough to do just that because he doesn't overthink things or feel threatened by her immeasurable power. He will be her partner through it all.

It's that simple.