This Guy Accidentally Sent A Dick Pic To A Group Of Random People At Brunch

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I know, I know, I know... we're all still trying to figure out how anything will top the whole Draymond Green dick pic scandal that brought us so much joy and juicy gossip yesterday. In case you missed the memo, Draymond accidentally posted a dick pic to his Snapchat story. Enough said.

Rest assured, my dear friends: The entertainment never stops. Not on my watch, at least.

According to Barstool Sports, a guy was feeling sexy and decided to send a provocative pic to whom I'm going to assume he believed was a willing recipient. Unfortunately, he had the wrong number.

Now, there are about a million ways I could see this going. You could just not respond, you could mess with him a little and then not respond, you could get personally offended and send him a whole long text about how that was totally unwarranted response and he should double check the number before just going ahead and sending a picture like that... or, you can do what these people did.

This might be the most cordial sexting exchange in history.

It started with a classic mix-up.

This guy sent this picture to the wrong number without realizing. Sure, the recipients could have just let it go without a response, but they decided to have some fun with him.

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Then, things escalated.

They challenged him to work a lil harder, and BOY, OH BOY, DID HE ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. Yep, don't let the banana fool you. That's a real live penis. Also, not a bad body if I do say so myself.

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Finally, PLOT TWIST: They become friends.

This is where things really start to get good. The recipients could have, you know, just not responded after the dick pic. Or, maybe sent something short.

But, no, they responded with a group selfie, revealing themselves as very clearly not whom he intended the pics to be for. Then, they congratulated him on the solid dick pic. Classy response altogether.

My personal favorite part of this all is his chill response. He doesn't freak out about this group of white kids at brunch trolling him for dick pics. No, instead he sends some emojis that I'm assuming were meant to reflect the evolution of his emotions at the recent turn of events. Then, he thanks them.

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I'm pretty sure they're, like, friends now... right?

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