9 Reasons Dating An Old Soul Will Give You The Stability You're Looking For


In a generation that loses all interest once it's stimulated, and a world of likes, swipes, and perfect selfies, there is a human who has the hardest time adapting to the changing ways of the dating world and love.

This person is often is sitting at home working on their hopes and dreams, overanalyzing life and planning for the future. This person prefers the “old” sense of dating and relationships -- actual conversation, deep thoughts and commitments.

We call them the old soul.

A beautiful creature, that often is mislabeled as weird and uptight. The old soul is a very misunderstood soul.

Having an old soul in your life is changing. They are a person that will often awaken you in a deeper sense of what this world is about and of what love is about.

Being an old soul is something you're born as. It's all about the way you look at the world. Usually, old souls are free-spirited, are OK with being alone and are bright-eyed, innocent lovers who dream of black and white movie romances.

I always say that my soul is a combination of ancient moons and starbursts, and my heart is an old woman drinking tea, knitting hats. I'm the old soul people make fun of.

Old souls express their love differently but here are nine reasons why you should definitely date one:

1. They love being home.

Old souls are homebodies. They love the idea of staying in on the weekend with their partner, watching a movie and talking about their weeks. They want someone who is willing to do dumb (but cute) things together like baking cookies and going on adventures.

When an old soul falls in love, they want to experience life with their partner. At the same time, they need personal space. They don't need to have you around all the time, they love being with you, but they really cherish their “me-time."

2. The little things impress them.

Old souls are not materialistic in the least bit, they yearn for the simple things in life. Did you buy that old soul a very expensive handbag? Or an Apple watch? Those are nice gifts, and I'm sure they'll love the gesture, but they're not going to fall in love with you because of it.

An old soul will show you they care with more personal gifts, and want that personal touch given back to them from you. A love letter, or necklace you found at the flea market that reminds them of their childhood, will impress them much more than spending thousands of dollars.

3. Communication is important.

Old souls pride themselves on being able to connect with all sorts of people.

When it comes to relationships, they don't play games. They tell you how it is, and can sometimes be too honest. It's because they care and want to know the truth. They don't believe in pretending everything is OK, they want to resolve and be open with each other.

Old souls need communication on a deeper level than what this generation is used to. Either go steady or move along. Old souls hate the games of “talking” and simply saying they're "together.”

4. Romance is a must. 

The old soul is an old fashioned lover. No matter how modern an old soul may look on the outside, they still want you to come to the door when you pick them up, write love letters and lay under the stars with them.

They want a partner who is respectful, who values trust and who values their heart. They prefer meeting up and talking rather than just texting all day.

5. They crave true connections.

Old souls connect with their partners on a deeper level. They aren't about one night stands, and you won't get lucky on the first date. They feel things on a stronger level than most people and they don't open up deeply to just anyone. To an old soul, the act of sleeping with someone is about the connection you have with that person and "making love."

They need to connect with you on more than just a physical level -- they want to know your hopes, dreams, fears and perspectives on life.

6. Settling down is a big step to them.

An old soul won't settle down with you unless they think there is a future to the relationship.

Old souls think of life in this grand scheme, far beyond the months and years. If they don't see something with you, they'll break it off. They don't believe in wasting time with the wrong person and they don't fear isolation. What they do fear is not finding that person that will help them grow.

7. They're dreamers.

Old souls have larger than life expectations for themselves. They dream big and they believe in working hard to achieve that dream, they want someone who also believes in them, but who has dreams of their own too.

Sometimes their perception of “perfection” and “dreams” affects their relationships. It's OK to bring them back down from the clouds, but do so in a way where you aren't mocking their goals.

8. They're highly committed.

Old souls have a charm, and that charm is very enchanting when it comes to relationships.

They take their relationships very seriously and go all out to make them beautiful and meaningful. Being a partner to an old soul calls for a lot of passion and dedication. The same as with any relationship, if you give them back what they give to you, they will make you feel loved like you've never felt before.

9. They make for great listeners.

Old souls want to know everything. They're not satisfied with surface-level details. They like to know things deeply and from the ground up -- the soil, the root, the stem, all that makes you into the beautiful flower you are.

They are extremely good listeners. They'll know everything from why it is you're scared of seagulls to why you never want to wear a tie to work.

When dating an old soul, you have to understand their corny and different outlook is what makes them unique. They are truly a star in a dark sky that will illuminate you for years. Once you've loved an old soul, it's hard to love again in that same way. You won't find a person as caring, dedicated and unique as an old soul.

The main thing to remember is this: Take your time -- old souls don't want to be rushed into dating you, they want to learn you, love you and be your forever soulmate.