3 Reasons Vacations Without Your SO Are Actually Good For Your Relationship

by Hannah Tenpas

When it comes to friendships, I do my best to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Men might disappoint you, cheat on you or abandon you, but you will always have girlfriends in your corner. They're your real soulmates. If I've learned one thing from my ex-boyfriends, it's how important your friendships are. It doesn't matter if you travel an hour away or across the world, the most important thing is making time for a getaway with your clique.

Summer is the perfect time to book your girls trip. If you're looking to up your Instagram game, I humbly suggest a trip out to sunny Santa Barbara. Not sold? Take this quiz to find your perfect vacation spot. Regardless of where you jet off to, read on to see three reasons you need to book a trip ASAP.

1. When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play

You can learn a lot about your partner with some time and space. How does your man act when you're gone? Does he text you nonstop demanding your attention? It's a huge red flag when you get a “?” text after you leave a message unanswered for a short time. Unless he's on his deathbed or you hid his work laptop, it can wait.

On the other end of the spectrum, it doesn't feel great when he's totally unresponsive either. Every trip I've taken, the girls carve out a little time to head outside and call their partners. Can't get a hold of your boo for even a few minutes? That lack of effort might be something that requires some attention and reflection.

2. Your Girls Will Tell It Like It Is

It's hard to take the advice you'd give to someone else, especially when you're “kind of seeing someone.” You might be prone to make excuses for your potential partner-to-be. You might rationalize he never calls you before 10:00 pm because he works nonstop, but your girlfriends will tell you he's not serious.

Long-term relationships can make your judgment just as cloudy. Does your boyfriend make you feel crazy for getting upset when his mom puts you down? Your gal pals will reassure you that this is so not OK. No relationship is perfect, but your girlfriends love you. They're protective of how you should be treated and will both point out and stand up for you when something is awry.

3. Everyone Eventually Needs A Shoulder To Cry On

We all have the friend who ghosts as soon as she gets in a relationship. The club scene understandably loses its appeal when you're coupled up, but missing every brunch and canceling coffee dates comes at a cost. Even if your new significant other ends up being your dream man, a life centered around your husband will be a lonely one. Even the happiest couples need to vent after the honeymoon period.

Worse comes to worst, having a circle of friends to support you can make all the difference if things crash and burn. Invest in your friends and they'll invest in you. When you're ready to go dancing or want a martini downtown, you'll hop on a group text that hasn't lay idle for months and have solid plans to in minutes.

If you're lucky, you'll return home from your trips with a new appreciation for your man. If you're not, you might have to make some tough calls and have some serious talks. Boys aside, travel provides a serious brain break. Exciting distractions with the people you love lets you breathe. The girls and I still talk about that cruise we took in the Bahamas right after we turned 21. I look at pictures from our Vegas and Palm Springs trips often. Whenever Denver comes up in conversation, I have a story to tell.

Girls' trips revive and rejuvenate. Memories are made and bonds go deeper. If you're unlucky and experience some drama in your clique, you'll at least know it's time to let go of a toxic friend. You probably saw it coming anyway. So get to work. Book a flight, create a group Pinterest board, start that email chain and plan your summer getaway.