Lifestyle — Where Should You And Your Girl Squad Take A Trip This Summer?
by Alexandra Svokos

Trust me, I know it's hard as sh*t to decide as a group where you want to go on a vacation.

But summer is pretty much here and let's be real, you all really, really need to get away. Plus, trips are even better when you can leave the boy drama behind and just indulge on some good (and seriously needed) girl time.

Trips with your girlfriends are some of the most fun memories you can get. It's almost always guaranteed to be a good time as you get to explore a new place together.

And when you live far from each other or don't get to hang out a lot, these trips are even more significant. It's good for your friendship and for your personal health to get out there for a bit.

We all need to shake up our routines and a trip is a great way to do that.

Whether you're the type of group who spends every Sunday at brunch or every Friday hitting the clubs, this quiz will help you figure out the right place to take a trip to.

Maybe you're co-workers and really need a relaxing weekend or maybe you're decades-long friends who need to try out something totally new. There's a great place for all squads.

The results include just a few specific suggestions, but you can take them as hints of the type of place that would be awesome to go together.

Get your crew together and use this quiz to help think up places you can all go together -- or take it and send it to them to see if they get the same result. We can help you with some inspiration, but as for finding a weekend everyone's free and figuring out the logistics? We'll leave that mess up to you.