10 Awesome Lesbian Couples Halloween Costume Ideas From Pop Culture

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Have you noticed how the older you get, the less exciting most holidays are? Not Halloween though. If anything, it gets even better. Sure, you can't demand free candy from friends and neighbors, but at least now you can drink — and I'm not talking apple cider, unless that's your mixer of choice. One thing that never changes, however, is how much fun it is to dress up in costume. Especially if you have an awesome girlfriend to form a dynamic duo with by donning perfect lesbian couples costume.

So, what are you and your girl going to dress up as this year? Sometimes, the perfect costume just comes to you, but more often it takes some work and creativity. Which can be exciting in and of itself, as you and your boo collaborate on how you're going to take trick-or-treat time by storm. While queer representation in all aspects of culture is getting better and, yes, there are some amazing lesbian couples you can channel this year, it's also fun to put your own little lesbian twist on your favorite pop culture characters.

If you still need a little couples costume inspo, don't worry, we've got you covered. From the DC universe to Wynonna Earp, these perfectly-paired paraphernalia will make dressing to wow on All Hallow's Eve a breeze.

1. Ruby And Sapphire From Steven Universe

When Ruby and Sapphire's love story became cannon on Steven Universe, they shot straight to the top of our lesbian couples costume list. To become these magical guardians of the universe, you'll need a handful of things, but you'll be looking so adorable that you just may fuse into Garnet at the end of the night, if ya know what I'm sayin'.

For Ruby's costume, you'll need a red body suit, burgundy tankbike shorts, shoesribbon, and a red flatback gem. You also need a short red wig and face paint. For Sapphire, you'll want a long blue wig, a white blouse, blue tank top, blue maxi skirt, white apron, white gloves, face paint, and a blue flatback gem.

2. Dany And Yara From Game Of Thrones

Jon who? We all know who really had the best chemistry on Game of Thrones, the dragon queen and the kraken. Tracking down a costume for Dany will be easy, but Yara may take bit more work. Fortunately I've got you covered. You'll just need a black shirt, olive leggings, and a breast plate. Top of the look off with a trench and of course some octopus bling.

3. Joyce Byers And The Ouija Wall From Stranger Things

Oh my god, season two comes out next month! Deep breaths.

Get into the Stranger Things spirit by channeling the series' healthiest and most functional couple. No, not Barb and I in my Barb Lives! fan fiction. I'm talking about Joyce Byers and her magical Ouija wall. Joyce's costume is easy to create. It's a brown striped shirt under a khaki jacket, and an axe. The Wall also pretty simple to recreate; you'll just need a tan dress, fabric paint for the letters, and battery-powered Christmas lights sewn to the front.

4. Korra And Asami From The Legend Of Korra

I will never stop shipping Republic City's greatest love story, and you can't make me. You can, however, recreate it this Halloween with Korra and Asami costumes. Also, if you haven't watched The Legend of Korra, get on that!

5. Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy

Not to be stereotypical about it, but how much cooler are Harley and Ivy… in flannel. A million times cooler. Just add some iron on letters to a flannel to recreate this look. Now this is a “Daddy's Little Monster” costume we can all get behind.

6. Your Favorite Orange Is The New Black Characters

One of the best things about Orange is the New Black is that there is at least one character you can identify with. Pick your favorite characters, throw on some orange scrubs and create a new ship of your very own.

7. Kiki And Tombo From Kiki's Delivery Service

What could possibly make Kiki's Delivery Service any cuter? Turns out, the answer is to put a butch and femme spin on it. To become Tombo, you'll need a red stripped shirt, yellow sweater, rolled up jeans, and glasses. For Kiki, you'll need a navy dress, red shoes, and top it off with a matching red bow to complete the costume.

8. Leslie Knope And Liz Lemon From Parks And Recreation and 30 Rock

They may not be on the same show, but who hasn't made up their own Leslie and Liz fanfic? For Leslie, you just need a pantsuit, blouse, blond wig and political button. For the Liz costume, you need a flannel, blazer, jeans, wig, some Converse shoes and a lanyard.

9. Elliot And Gertie From E.T.

You may think brother and sister characters aren't the ideal combo for a couples costume, but just look at how cute this is! Elliot's costume is a red hoodie, jeans, and an E.T. prop. Gertie needs overalls, a striped turtleneck shirt, and yarn ribbons for her iconic hair. Adorableness achieved.

10. Waverly Earp And Nichole Haught From Wynonna Earp

Are you watching Wynonna Earp? If you answered no, you are blowing it because #Wayhaught is, well, way hot and total lesbian couples costume goals. To pull this off, you want a police uniform and sheriffs hat for Nichole and blue and white cheer costume for Waverly.

Lesbian couples costume achievement unlocked!