10 Latinx Dating, Relationship, & Sex Experts You Should Be Following On IG

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Instagram doesn't just supply an endless stream of memes, Insta Stories, and cute dog pics. As well as following your friends and fave celebrities, there are tons of experts who use their accounts to offer inspo and info to their followers. Maybe you're looking for ways to boost your dating confidence. Perhaps you want to develop healthier relationships and have more satisfying sex. In honor of Latinx Heritage month, which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, here are some Latinx dating, relationship, and sex experts on Instagram that you should def give a follow.

If you're Latinx, hearing from professionals who share your background can feel incredibly validating, as those experts can likely better understand and relate to your experiences when it comes to such personal topics like love and intimacy. And if you're not Latinx, you're bound to learn from these sources' expertise. It's important to listen to a diverse range of perspectives, and the relationship and sex therapist community on IG has plenty to offer.

Whether you're seeking actionable advice or just some positive vibes about dating, relationships, and sex, these 10 IG accounts from Latinx professionals should be added to your feed.

Eliza G. Boquin (@elizagboquin)

Eliza G. Boquin, MA, LMFT, is a relationship therapist and founder of The Flow & Ease Healing Center whose Instagram account, @elizagboquin, is full of gems about self-care and sexual confidence. Her goal: to help her followers overcome emotional, physical, and mental blocks so they can bring more intimacy into their relationships.

Spicy Mari (@spicymari)

The Spicy Life founder Spicy Mari is a relationship expert and matchmaker who's all about helping her followers find their "purpose-mate." If you need some tips for dating effectively and confidently, you should probably give @spicymari a follow.

Todd Baratz (@yourdiagnonsense)

Todd Baratz, LMHC, is a sex and relationship therapist and podcast host who strives to help people have stronger relationships and better sex. For him, boosting your sex life benefits from self-empowerment, and his IG account, @yourdiagnonsense, is full of tough love and encouragement.

Samantha Heuwagen (@samantha_heuwagen)

Sex therapist and author Samantha Heuwagen, MA, LMFT, uses her account, @samantha_heuwagen, to clear up misconceptions and misunderstandings about sex therapy. If you've considered sex therapy (or just want to better understand what sex therapists even do), then you'll likely find this account helpful.

Tatiana Dellepiane (@tatianadellepiane)

If you're looking to liberate your sexuality and attract the right people, you should check out @tatianadellepiane on Instagram. Tantra, sex, and relationship expert Tatiana Dellepiane teaches her followers how to rid toxicity from their lives in order to develop more intimate relationships, both sexually and emotionally.

Karen Moreno Scott (@karenmorenoscott)

Looking to gain self-awareness and develop self-love? Relationship and empowerment coach Karen Moreno Scott can help. Her IG acccount, @karenmorenoscott, is dedicated to offering actionable advice for setting boundaries and fostering mutual respect in relationships.

Adriana Rodriguez (@adrianarodrigueztherapy)

Adriana Rodriguez, LMFT, is an educator and therapist who works to help individuals better understand their own needs in order to develop healthy, thriving relationships with others. In need of a little pick-me-up? @arianarodrigueztherapy is happy to help with self-love tips and inspo.

Dr. Shannon Chavez (@drshannonchavez)

Want to talk about sex? Dr. Shannon Chavez does, too. As a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, Dr. Chavez uses her IG account, @drshannonchavez, to spread sex positivity, with posts covering everything from masturbation to mutual pleasure.

Jocelyn Silva (@sexcoachjocelyn)

If you're dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, or fear about your sexual expression or identity, sex coach Jocelyn Silva is here to help you finally own your sexuality. With her candid IG account, @sexcoachjocelyn, she works to remove the stigma from sexual preferences, encouraging her followers to be brave and get in touch with their desires.

Rebecca Alvarez (@rebeccaalvarezstory)

Rebecca Alvarez is a sexologist and the founder of Bloomi who uses her Insta account, @rebeccaalvarezstory, to teach her followers all about the benefits of mindful sex. What that means: dating intentionally, prioritizing time for sex, and creating the sex life you want.


Go ahead and give these experts a follow — you won't regret it.

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