YouTube Comedian Gives The Most Brutally Honest And Hilarious Makeup Tutorial (Video)

If you've ever earnestly watched someone draw a cat-eye into their webcam, then this makeup tutorial might not be too amusing. But for all the ladies who still don't know what the f*ck they're doing with their "beauty routine" each morning, then this vid might be more your steez.

Comedian, actress and apparent "beauty guru" Akilah takes her YouTube audience through her face-making process -- because you know that, unlike Beyoncé, you did not wake up like this.

Akilah shares her "wide variety of things to cake on [her] face," and, like most of you, has the same rationale for all the beauty products she wears each day:

"I don't think it does anything, but I spent $40 on it, so I use it to validate the purchase... yeah I don't think this does anything."

You can do your own makeup alongside Akilah, but be warned: "Your face may probably never look like this, no matter how many of these products you use." Because it's your face. Get over it.

H/T: Jezebel