You'll Stand Up And Cheer After Watching This Father's Message To Boys Who May Date His Daughter (Video)

by Katie Gonzalez

This dad is not kidding around.

In this slam poetry performance, one future father addresses all the men who might one day date his daughter.

The result is a hilarious open letter, laced with outward threats of harm if these potential boyfriends one day break this unconceived, young girl's heart.

"Jesse Parent" also offers, however, that if guys learn to treat her right (the way she deserves, of course), no physical violence will be necessary.

"I have been teaching her love all of her life, and all that I ask is that you continue the lesson. Love her. Befriend her. Protect her.

Be there when I can't and when my body gives up to the grave let the grin that eternity carves into my face be a reflection of the peace that your love brings to her. And we should get along just fine."

This spoken word performer really gains favor with the crowd when he inserts an "addendum" into his argument:

"To the girls who may one day date my daughter: my wife is a better shot than I am."

The double standard that dads need to guard their daughters (but not their sons) might be slightly ridiculous, but it's all mostly made better by that last line.

H/T: Upworthy, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It