You Won't Believe The Ignorant Things These Sisters Hear About Being Adopted (Photos)

Supermom Kim Kelley-Wagner has created a moving photo series to empower adoptive families everywhere.

Thanks to the media, we're used to hearing about hurtful slurs against many minority groups, but adoptive families are often overlooked.

Kelley-Wagner took to her Facebook page to showcase just a small smattering of the terrible comments people say to her two adopted daughters.

She writes,

"I have tried to explain to my daughters that people do not say these things to be mean, they say them out of ignorance, which is why I am sharing some of them. Words are powerful, they can become tools or weapons, choose to use them wisely."

But her photo series has been viewed with mixed reception.

While some, like Ann Brenoff, senior writer for The Huffington Post and mom to two children adopted from China, believe "teaching your children that they don't need to be victims is empowering," others in the adoptive community are uneasy about the display.

One commenter wrote on Facebook:

"Adoptees don't need flashy reminders of what's going on. We LIVE it every day."

Would you want that kind of attention on your family?

Kelley-Wagner's overall message is one that is positive, inspiring, and teaches us all to be more careful of our words. Perhaps a photo really does speak louder...

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Facebook