17 Times Your College North Face Absolutely Saved Your Life

Having a North Face in college was basically just a rule of feminism — everyone had one and if you didn't, well, then that's irrelevant.

Whether it was your fleece or puffy jacket, one thing is for certain: that thing came in handy in a variety of ways.

Where would you be without your beloved North Face? A completely frozen outcast, that's where. You may not have realized all of the times your jacket came in handy, but today I am going to remind you...

1. It was the only covering item you wore on Halloween

Let's be honest, as a female, the chances of your halloween costume covering more than 50 percent of your body are slim to none.

I mean isn't that the point of dressing "up" in college? But for most people, the weather isn't working in their favor, so the only option you have is to rock your North Face until you make it safely indoors.

2. It was a joyous moment when you were reunited

After a long night of bad decisions, one thing signified the end of your night — the moment you put your jacket back on.

Of course before heading back home, you and your North Face made the brave cold trek to whatever late night food spot you were craving that night.

3. If by chance you couldn't find your personal North Face in the "coat room," you upgraded for a new one

The upside of everyone having the same coat in college was the fact that if you somehow lost one (aka someone took yours by "mistake"), you could quickly replace it with someone else's. Just chalk this up to another "accident."

4. It covered up half of your walk of shame outfit on any given morning

Walking home in the dead of winter in your outfit from last night will probably be the most uncomfortable 30-minute trek of your life.

But thank God you brought your North Face with you. Sure, you still may be rocking heels, but at least your barely-there ensemble is covered up!

5. When you needed to smuggle food from the dining hall

Most colleges have a rule that you can't take anything extra from the buffet counter, which is why your North Face is the perfect dining companion.

Most people are broke in college, so you feel no shame as you shove whatever you can get your hands on deep into your pockets.

6. When you saw your ex and needed to get lost in a crowd

When you just can't escape the situation, how else are you supposed to embrace it? By hiding, of course.

7. When you're smoking in the woods and needed to conceal your identity

Smoking in your on campus housing is much too risky, so you put on your camouflage outfit and head to the woods.

If you do happen to get caught or reported, chances are no one will be able to identify you anyway.

8. When it was too cold for you to even think about what to wear

A North Face is a no-brainer answer. Why do you think they have been best sellers for so long?

9. When you needed something to match with your Uggs and Leggings


10. When you threw up on your dress and needed to cover it up

The material on your North Face jacket makes it resistant to any and every type of stain you could ever get on it.

11. When you wanted to smuggle snacks into a movie theater

Maybe your purse can't fit a water bottle and a sh*t ton of candy, but you know what can? Your North Face, obviously...

12. When you were too drunk to find your pajamas

Thank God your jacket is comfortable because everyone knows how often college students pass out in their clothes from the evening. Heck, we still do this well into the real world.

13. When you were doing laundry and all of your clothes were dirty

You know what those knee-length North Face jackets were the best for? When you were stark naked underneath while you did your laundry. No one except you would know what shady business you were up to.

14. When you had to pass out anywhere because your roommate was getting laid in your room

Your jacket was multi-purposeful! It has definitely served as your sleeping bag at one time or another.

15. It was your go-to tailgating apparel no matter what the weather was

You have your fleece and your jacket, so regardless of the temperature outside, you knew you would be rocking it over your collegiate uniform.

16. When you were late to class and needed to camouflage into the crowd

There is nothing worse than being called out in a 300+ person lecture for being late. Luckily for you, at least half of the class will be dressed in the same outfit, allowing your tardy self to blend right in.

17. When you locked yourself out of your room and needed a cocoon until you got let in

It's much easier to pass the time when you can turn your jacket into a makeshift bed. When times get desperate, you literally will convince yourself anything is comfortable.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr