WTF Is This Catnip-Infused Facial Mist?

It's no secret the Internet adores furry felines. Just consider the countless memes, gifs, vines and tweets crafted in their honor.

But if thought you loved cats more than Hello Kitty, guess again.

Decléor, an aromatherapy skincare company, has truly reached peak cat-lover status.

The Parisian skincare brand's new Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist, $42, will basically make you smell just like your neighborhood cat lady.


Come on, who doesn't want to reek of cat weed?

Don't be so fast to dismiss the moisturizing beauty product on account of its aroma, which I should mention is more pungent than a dirty litter box and Clorox wipes.

The good news? Nepeta Cataria, a fancy word for catnip, promotes healthy skin, relaxes the senses and gets rid of migraines.

However, the aromatherapy agent probably won't calm your baseball-obsessed boyfriend from screaming at the TV during every World Series game.

When you've hit snooze several times before dragging yourself to work, the essential oil complex in this spritz can help "awaken your tired complexion" and "unveil a naturally dewy glow."

Unfortunately, we can't promise using this mist won't cause catnip-crazed cats to run wild around you. But if someone suspects you of being a hoarder, just tell them you're on your way to achieving purrfect skin.