This 6-Move Workout Is So Easy You Can Fit It Into Your Lunch Break

by Brit + Co

It's almost March. Are you still sticking to your fitness resolutions?

If you're like me and had plans to be the queen of workout routines this year, then let's get on this journey together!

What I've learned from my two years in the adult world is that it's super hard to fit a workout into your schedule. I'm always looking for fitness classes to take before or after my office hours.

What's more, I've come up with a basic routine of moves you can fit into a single lunch break. My goal is to hit as many body parts as possible (without sweating) in as little time as possible. This workout requires zero equipment.

Let's try to be the best versions of ourselves this year. Workout queens, unite!

A bodyweight squat will help remedy hours of sitting in an office chair.

First things first, let's do some squats. Find a space no one will disturb you in, and get moving.

Squats are a compound movement, which means you'll use more than one joint to complete it while activating major muscle groups. They provide one of the biggest bangs for your buck in terms of time.

Start with your feet a bit wider than your hips with your toes pointed slightly outward. Looking straight ahead, lift your arms parallel to the ground. Keep your back in a neutral position, with your weight on the heels and balls of your feet.

Squat until your booty is leveled with your knees, sitting back like you're in a chair. As you come back up, squeeze that booty.

Reps: 15

The classic push-up tones your arms and chest.

This is a great exercise for hitting all of your chest muscles while engaging your shoulders and triceps -- all with zero equipment.

Set your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, middle fingers pointing straight ahead of you. Make sure your feet are parallel. At the top of your push-up, your arms should be straight. Engage your abs so that your booty is not sticking up or falling to the floor.

Steadily lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, keeping  your elbows close to your body. Then, push back up.

Reps: 15

The forearm plank sets you up for enviable abs.

The forearm plank is a versatile core-strengthening exercise that requires bending the elbows to 90 degrees with both forearms resting on the floor.

Think of your body as a straight line from the top of your head to your heels, feet close together with toes touching the floor.

Hold for one minute, concentrating on keeping your abs and lower back muscles tightened to prevent bending or arching. Although it may seem like you're not doing much, you have to constantly squeeze your abs to hold the position.

You are doing WERK, girl! This single move strengthens your abs, shoulders, arms and glutes.

Reps: 1-minute hold

Butt-blasting donkey kicks make for an enviable booty.

Let's get those booties pumpin'! For this exercise, we're going to be strengthening your glutes using reverse leg extensions.

Begin with your hands and knees on the floor. Lift one leg back and up, keeping your knee bent and ankle flexed, and send it up as high as you can. Engage your core muscles by pulling your stomach toward your spine.

Return to the starting position and continue on the other leg.

Reps: 15 per leg

The bicycle crunch is a time-tested ab killer.

This is considered to be one of the best ab exercises because it's a great way to target both the abs and the obliques in one movement. Six-pack, here we come.

Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground. With your hands gently holding your head, lift your knees to about a 45-degree angle.

Alternate touching your elbows to the opposite knee as you twist back and forth.

Reps: 3 sets of 20

The burpee is a full-body calorie burner.

If done correctly, the burpee trains the pushing muscles of the upper body, all the muscles of the lower body and even the core muscles.

Start by standing up straight. Bend over at the hips, pushing the hips back and reaching down to the floor with your hands.

Jump back with your feet landing into a bent-arm plank. Your chest can touch the floor, but you also don't necessarily have to do a true push-up.

Return to plank position by pushing up with your hands. Pop up using the power from your hips to bring your legs in toward your hands. Now, explosively jump up!

Reps: 2 sets of 10