Here's How Much More A Woman's Beauty Routine Costs Than A Man's

You've likely heard of the “tampon tax,” the controversial “luxury item” tax applied to feminine hygiene products.

This tax, which has been challenged time and time again by women's rights groups, costs women, on average, $20 million per year — a price paid just for being female.

Sadly, it's not the only cost women incur for necessary personal-care items.

Products marketed to women, such as razors and deodorant, tend to cost more than their non-gendered or male-oriented counterparts, even when the products are virtually identical (save for color or scent).

This phenomenon is called the “pink tax,” and like the tampon tax, it costs women hundreds of dollars per year.

The folks over at Glamour recently analyzed the cost of the average woman's morning routine and compared it to that of the average male's.

The difference is staggering.

In a year, the average man spends approximately $691.52, while the average woman spends nearly double that (and that's not even counting treatments such as hair cuts or eyebrow threading).

Bottom line: Being a lady ain't cheap. On behalf of women everywhere, I'd like to extend a giant f*ck you to male privilege.

Watch the video up top.

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