Women Tired Of Street Harassment Show How Easy It Is To Talk Back (Video)

It's a topic, once reserved for annoyed conversations with friends, that women are finally feeling comfortable speaking out about.

In this video, women from all walks of life discuss the harassment they face when they simply decide to walk out of their houses.

Described sourly as an "all-American pastime," the female voices in this video recount how being catcalled and subject to other unwanted comments is inescapable for women, highlighting a true power divide among men and women in the United States.

Street harassment is about ownership. It's about the idea that women's bodies and very presence in public space is not for us, because what are we there for, if not to 'Shake that ass, baby'?

One major takeaway from the video — in addition to the fact that all women have been victims of street harassment — is that in the moment, women can stand up to these aggressors and say something back.

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