8 Women Reveal The Awkward Times They Absolutely Failed At Flirting


Flirting is an art. Unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with the talent of being any good at this art.

In fact, flirting is a bit of a LOST art. We’re so wrapped up in our cell phones and social media that we’ve basically become a generation that is inept at in-person conversation -- especially with the opposite sex. None of us know WTF we are doing when it comes to having a real-life conversation.

We can come up with the wittiest of Instagram comments, but God forbid we need to joke with a cute guy or girl at the bar.

But it seems like we always blame dudes when it comes to being terrible at flirting.

People neglect to remember that women can be just as bad at flirting as men. Just because guys USUALLY make the first move doesn’t mean we ladies won’t say or do something RIDICULOUS that will guarantee that we’ve made the LAST move. Of the entire night.

Yes, we women are often the culprits when we end up going home alone. We’re great at sabotaging ourselves.

When it comes to helping a guy along, we're not often much help when he starts to f*ck up his attempts to talk to us. We aren't very good at helping him get back on the horse. No wonder we can be unapproachable; we’re pretty unforgiving.

The point is this: Male or female, we all pretty much blow when it comes to flirting.

Here are the confessions of eight real women and all the times they either failed or experienced a miserable fail while attempting to flirt. You'd be surprised how many of us think bringing up Hogwarts is a way to get some ass...

1. Fact: bringing up "Harry Potter" will NOT get you laid.

- Scarlett, 24.

2. This dude is the definition of thirsty.

- Kelli, 22.

3. Maybe don’t call a guy you’re hitting on a “whore.”

- Jessica, 23.

4. Once again: "Harry Potter" will NOT get you laid.

- Izabella, 23.

5. You know what makes sh*t awkward? Talking about how awkward sh*t is.

- Candice, 23.

6. The chair was out to get her.

- Taylor, 26.

7. MySpace messages are probably not the way to go.

- Aly, 25.

8. Telling a guy he has a small dick is even worse than bringing up "Harry Potter."

- Grace 25.