These Moments In The Media Show Women Still Aren't Given Equal Treatment In 2013 (Video)

We, as a society, have an extremely fickle loyalty when it comes to women in the media. A trendy actress is championed one day and then body slammed the next. A large part of the problem is the overwhelming existence of misogynist chatters that audiences worldwide tune into. Why is it that we can embrace Hilary Swank but scorn Hilary Clinton?

The video opens with images of Malala, Kerry Washington and Katniss – all women who have made ground-breaking strides in their respective fields and who embody the kind of females we strive to be.

Unfortunately, however, these leading ladies’ praise is cut short and overshadowed by the constant negative press against women, their ideals and their bodies.

Let’s try to make 2014 a more positive year for women in the media by continuing to promote strong role models and becoming more aware of the words we use to describe women in any public forum.

H/t: Upworthy, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube