Women Of All Ages React To The Word 'Bitch' In This Fascinating Video

One of the best and worst things about the English language is how words can have multiple meanings.

While "bitch" isn’t necessarily a word with multiple meanings, its significance varies among everyone.

Most every woman has been called a "bitch," and many women have called other people "bitches." Some people use it lovingly, and others use it hatefully.

In a YouTube video posted by Cut Video, women ranging from ages 15 to 55 were asked to respond to the word "bitch," and the results are fascinating.

There wasn’t a clear distinction between the way different generations reacted, but there were three common answers: The women either felt hurt, degraded or empowered by the word.

Some women thought being a "bitch" was necessary to be taken seriously, and some hated being crudely generalized.

The only real takeaway here? "Bitch" is a loaded word, so be careful how you use it.